A Seattle Run with a View: 3 Miles at Seward Park

Tired of walking or running your neighborhood loop? If you’ve been running in Seattle for a long time, you know there’s nothing better than a new Seattle run with great views, fantastic people watching and the promise of a post-run swim to push you to run faster and longer.

If you’re near the south side, grab a friend and head to Seward Park, which is a must-visit destination for every Seattleite. The park has a two-and-a-half mile paved pedestrian and biking path that offers beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier – the perfect backdrop for your Seattle run. In the summer, this park is filled with swimmers who flock to Andrews Bay to enjoy one of the best lakeshore beaches in Seattle.

The Seward Park Workout

For a three-mile run, start at the main parking lot and hop the paved trail near the playground. You’ll run two and a half miles around the peninsula. As you come to the end of the park loop, keep right and continue along Lake Washington Boulevard for another half mile. At this point, turn around and cool down during the walk back to your car.

For those looking to cover some serious distance, Lake Washington Boulevard is a long-distance runner’s dream. Use these landmarks (and great stretching pit stops) to track your distance.

  • Seward Park to Lake Washington Boulevard Park: 1 mile
  • Seward Park to Genesee Park: 2 miles
  • Seward Park to Colman Park: 3 miles
  • Seward Park to Leschi Park: 4.5 miles
  • Seward Park to Madison Park Beach: 7 miles

Want to continue the adventure at Seward Park after your run? If you have kids in toe, head to the playground on the south side of the park. Or you can take them to the nearby tennis courts. Also, if you’re curious about those forest trails you passed during your run, head back on the loop trail and explore one of the offshoot paths. Once you’re in the forest, follow the granite trail markers as you continue your walk in a new world of old-growth trees.

Keep Running

If you’re looking for more info, or perhaps a new idea for your next Seattle run, Seattle Parks & Recreation put together this great list of running paths throughout the city, which includes well-known parks like Green Lake and Discovery Park, as well as lesser-known paths such as Lincoln Park. Grab a friend and start checking off the parks as you explore this beautiful city.