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5 Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Gym

You’ve decided. You’re ready to be the best you. The one who exercises, eats healthy and joins the best gym for your needs. But how do you find it?

Shopping for the best gym is not something to take lightly. When you do sign up, it can be a big commitment financially and time-wise. So put a little effort in up front to find the best gym for you — the gym that’s going to keep you dedicated and coming back.

  1. Ask Around Start your search by asking friends and colleagues where they work-out and what they like — or dislike — about it. Maybe you’ll find that joining with a friend keeps you accountable. Online reviews can be helpful, too, but it’s best to let them supplement your search rather than lead it.
  2. Location Matters Convenience can play a big role in whether you stick to a workout routine or not. If you have to fight traffic or drive across town to get to your spin class, you may be less likely to make it. Find a gym that’s convenient to where you work or live to remove that barrier from the exercise equation.
  3. Price Point No doubt about it, joining a gym can be a pricey proposition. Make sure you take into consideration how a monthly membership will work with your budget. Also, don’t be afraid to ask any potential gyms if they offer any discounts for new members or those who sign up for annual memberships. It’s OK to hold out for the best price.
  4. Take a Tour Most gyms will schedule a free tour and may even give you a complimentary day or week pass to try out the facility. Take the time to do it, as there’s no better way to get a feel for a place than to see it firsthand. Make sure the classes you want to take fit in your schedule and have space for you in the studio. While you’re there, talk to members about the gym, size it up for cleanliness and the shape of its equipment and see how crowded it is. In addition, talk to the staff and see how they interact with members.
  5. Stick with It Once you do decide on the best gym, commit to it and to your fitness regimen. It can be hard to stay disciplined some days, but it’s worth it — and you’ll be glad you did.

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Jon Bell

Jon Bell writes about the outdoors, fitness, health, and a range of other topics from his home in Lake Oswego, OR. He is also the author of "On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak."

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