6 Chilling Halloween Attractions for Seattle Thrill-Seekers

Outdoor Adventures Thursday, October 29, 2015 Written by

The Seattle metro area offers many Halloween attractions you and your family can enjoy for a frightful night of outdoor adventures, from a morgue with a gruesome real-life history to a haunted farm with family-friendly events.

Here are six Puget Sound Halloween attractions that are sure to satisfy the thrill-seeker’s appetite.

  1. Carlton’s Fright Farm

    Located about an hour north of Seattle in Lake Stevens, Carlton Farms receives a frightening facelift as Halloween approaches. Ever wondered how you’d fare as a zombie hunter? Join a zombie hunting unit and see how many of the undead you can hit with glowing paintballs on a wagon ride. Following the ride, you’ll be dropped off outside the Zombie Farm where you’ll need to navigate a cornfield rife with undead stalkers. Want to come face to face with a swamp monster? Carlton’s Haunted Swamp is your ticket. Bringing along some smaller thrill seekers? The daytime corn maze is family-friendly and perfect for those looking for some active and unfrightening fun.

    Appropriate age for nighttime attractions: 12+
    Required age for zombie wagon ride: 8+
    Daytime corn maze: Family-friendly

  2. Nightmare at Beaver Lake

    You’ll adventure deep into Sammamish’s maniac-infested woods at this family-friendly Halloween attraction. A winding trail full of monsters leads up to the attraction’s featured haunted house. Make sure to bring along a pair of comfy shoes.

    Appropriate age: No age restrictions (parents recommended to use their discretion)

  3. Haunted Nightmare at the Nilehaunted nightmare at the nile

    Situated about 20 minutes north of Seattle in Mountlake Terrace is a golf course that transforms into a terrifying Halloween attraction. Nightmarish characters lurk around every corner of this indoor/outdoor haunt. Those lucky enough to make it to the finish line will be treated to its Food and Fear Garden equipped with local food trucks.

    Appropriate age: 12+ (family-friendly night on Oct. 26 between 5 pm and 7 pm)

  4. The Georgetown Morgue

    This is where things get real. The Georgetown Morgue of Seattle’s tragic history includes countless funeral preparations, but the really terrifying part occurred on Oct. 25, 1968. Dubbed the Seattle Crematorium Massacre, an unknown number of suspects forced all nine employees into the crematorium chamber, with no survivors. It remains one of the region’s most terrifying unsolved mysteries. Today you can delve deep into the building to discover the morgue’s haunting secrets.

    Appropriate age: 12+

  5. The Seattle Underground

    Under the city’s streets lives a world all its own. For those brave enough, this paranormal adventure offers an experience unlike any other. Real ghost hunters will take you on a two-hour walk through areas that aren’t open to the general public. Do the ghosts of Seattle’s original settlers still lurk in the shadows? Halloween’s a great time to find out!

    Appropriate age: Family-friendly

  6. Follow Bigfoot’s Trailseattle halloween attractions

    Not an official Halloween attraction, but one that’s sure to spook any thrill-seeker, the old-growth forests around  Mount Rainier are home to some of the most chilling Bigfoot encounters you’ll ever hear about. Since 2010, there have been 13 reported sightings in Pierce County alone, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

    In October of 2014, a couple went mushroom hunting about 20 miles from Mount Rainier’s base.  They came face to face with what one investigator described as a “frightening threat display” from a Sasquatch. In June of 2010 a man and his granddaughter ventured down an abandoned road to a 4×4 trail near the Nisqually River, where they were assailed by frightening screeches from two bipedal creatures.Perhaps the creepiest Sasquatch encounter occurred on a hiking trip near the Eatonville waterfalls in May of 2010. A group of friends smelled what they thought was a bear or elk. After turning a corner, they came face to face with a giant creature hunched over like a human that was drinking from a creek. The creature rapidly moved on two legs into the brush after a short stare-down.

    Feeling adventurous this Halloween? It doesn’t get more exciting than hunting for Bigfoot on the myriad of trails around Mount Rainier.

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