Workout with a View: Best Seattle Stair Walks

Workouts Thursday, May 23, 2013 Written by

Getting tired of the gym and want to head outside? Well, if you want to take your walk or run to the next level, Seattle has miles of up-and-down stair walks that are great for getting into shape, exploring new neighborhoods and parks, and taking in views of this amazing city.

Getting Started: Lake Washington – Genesee Park Stair Walk

Just starting your fitness routine? For a gentler Seattle stair climb with views of Lake Washington, we recommend this 4.4 mile loop through Genesee Park. To get started, park your car along Lake Washington Boulevard at Sayres Memorial Park. In spring and summer, green foliage takes over the path, turning this area into a beautiful urban oasis. Also, be sure to check out the gorgeous homes and views of Lake Washington as you explore the neighborhood.

For a detailed overview of the route, download this PDF guide before you go.

View Seattle Stairs #7: South in a larger map

More Challenging: Queen Anne – Kerry Park Loop

This four mile loop outlined by Seattle Stairs is a great cardio and strength training workout for your legs. We recommend driving to Kerry Park, parking, and then following the orange route below. As you head out, you’ll pass some of the most beautiful houses in the city, with striking views of Elliott Bay and the Seattle skyline.

For a detailed overview of the route, download this PDF guide before you go.

Pro Tip: If you want to add another long (and we mean long) flight of stairs to your workout, take a right on Galer Street as you head up 3rd Avenue and run all the way down to Westlake. Catch your breath and take in views of South Lake Union before you begin the long trek to meet up with the orange route again.

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A Hardcore Workout: Howe Street Stairs

While Kerry Park is great for a longer adventure, Howe Street is a shorter Seattle stair workout that packs a serious punch, with 13 flights of stairs on one continuous route. Start your workout at Lakeview, just above I-5, and you’ll hit no less than 388 steps as you make your way up to 10th Street on Capitol Hill. For a change of scenery on your way back down, take a right and make your way down the Blaine Street stairs. As you’re heading back down, you’ll see what are arguably the best views in the city with the Space Needle, city skyline and Olympic Mountains greeting you in the distance.  For a serious workout, repeat this circuit 5 or 6 times. Your calves will feel the burn. We promise.

If you’d rather do a loop workout, Seattle Stairs outlined a 2.7 mile loop that incorporates one run through the Howe Street stairs with a pleasant walk or jog through Volunteer Park.

For a detailed overview of this route, download this PDF guide before you go.

View Seattle Stairs #4: Central in a larger map

Don’t see a workout near your neighborhood? Check out this full map from Seattle Stairs – a great resource that maps almost all Seattle stair routes with corresponding suggested loop walks and even coffee shop recommendations. If you have a favorite route that you’ve mapped yourself, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!