Fitness Programs ClassPass and Fitmob Arrive in Portland

Workouts Monday, January 5, 2015 Written by

Fitness classes seem to be all the rage these days. Barre, spin, Pilates, yoga, you name it. They offer cool variations on aerobic and strength training — at a price that, for some people, is a little intimidating. Most studios will run well over $100 a month for some classes, and closer to $200 if you’re into something trendier. With rates like these, you better really love the class you’re enrolled in: not many people will want to pay for an additional gym or class option.

Feeling pigeonholed? Want to try these sessions without committing to one studio or class? Two fitness startups — ClassPass and Fitmob — just launched their services in Portland, and each is aiming to change the fitness game. We dove in to find what this fitness trend is all about.

How it Works

ClassPass and FitmobBoth ClassPass and Fitmob services charge $99 per month for access to studios in their network. Each has partnered with a different network of studios, but you’ll find a healthy mix of barre, spin, yoga, Pilates, dance and other types of classes to choose from. Before you go, you find the classes you want to take and reserve your spot online or via ClassPass’ website or Fitmob’s mobile app (not with the studio itself).

Be warned: It’s not necessarily the answer to getting a cheaper rate at your favorite studio. Both programs limit the amount of times you can visit a studio per month, encouraging users to try new studios and change up their workout routine.

ClassPass vs. Fitmob

How can you choose between the two? Take a look at which studios each one has partnered with, and find the classes and locations that work best for you. Fitmob offers a few classes of its own, as well as gym memberships and small group personal training — a separate service from the class subscription that might be worth checking out.

Who Should Get the Pass

ClassPass and FitmobIf you’re craving more variety and want to try new types of classes, this type of subscription fitness service is a great option. By trying different studios, you can find the mix of classes and instructors that work well for your schedule, fitness level and interests. If you’re into yoga, Pilates or barre, you should have no trouble finding something you like within ClassPass and Fitmob offerings. These types of workouts dominate the list (at least for now).

Who Might Not Like It

Do you like to decide at the last minute what workout you want to do for the day? Do you have a busy schedule that frequently interrupts your plans? If so, ClassPass and Fitmob may not be for you. Both require a reservation long beforehand and can charge you a fee when you miss a class you signed up for. It’s great if you want to plan out your weekly workouts ahead of time (and be held accountable for doing them!), but not so fun if you want to squeeze in a workout whenever you have a free moment.

Final Thoughts

ClassPass and FitmobThe best gym is really the one that gets you excited (or at least motivated) to get a workout in. As we get into the dreary winter months, it becomes harder to stay active outdoors and the thought of hitting the treadmill or weight room again can be uninspiring. If you end up feeling that way,  mix up your fitness routine for a month with one of these subscription programs — and be on the lookout for more subscription-style fitness solutions. You may find a workout you never knew you’d enjoy.

Live in Seattle? Don’t worry – you can find both ClassPass and FitMob there as well.