#FitMob Recap – Trail Running at Ravenna Park

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To celebrate the first day of fall and get in a great workout, 30 people joined us for #FitMob’s trail running session at Ravenna Park this past Saturday, including a group of LifeWise Ambassadors and LifeWise’s Director of Health Inspiration – Olympic swimmer and world-record holder Ariana Kukors.

Everyone joined in for active stretching to warm up before splitting up and hitting the trails. Natalie Joffe showed the beginner group how to make walking the trails more interesting by skipping and varying their strides. Runners in the intermediate group, led by Hannah Schultz, challenged themselves with multiple laps on their 1-mile loop, while Kalpanatit Broderick pushed the advanced group to tackle a course with steeper hills.

To see more photos of the event and to tag yourself and your friends, check out our Facebook photo album.

Coming Up!

Join us for our last #FitMob next Saturday on September 28 as we take over Garfield Community Center for an intense round of fitness boot camp. Instructors Natalie Joffe, Ian Weinberg and Chris Cuffee will take participants through workout routines guaranteed to work up a sweat! RSVP on our Facebook page and invite your friends.

Photo Re-cap

FitMob_Trail RunningFitMob_Trail RunningFitMob_Trail RunningFitMob_Trail Running

Trail Running 101 with Hannah Schultz

Curious about giving trail running a try? Check out our interview with Hannah Schultz, owner of Run Fresh Coaching in Seattle, and then read our Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running.

ANW: How is trail running different from jogging on a paved path or road?

Schultz: Trail running is like a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you have to know where to place your foot with each step.

ANW: What is the best time of year to go trail running?

Schultz: Both summer and fall are great trail running seasons. I prefer fall because the trails aren’t nearly as packed, and the weather is still really nice. Winter trail running also makes for a memorable experience, just make sure to prepare ahead of time and pack accordingly.

ANW: What gear would you suggest beginner runners invest in?

Shultz: Here is my list of go-to trail running items:

  • A pair of fitted trail shoes (this is a must have item)
  • Pepper spray (safety first!)
  • A soft plastic water bottle for water and electrolytes
  • A couple of sports bars
  • A fanny pack to store your phone, bars, keys, and anything else you may need while on the trails

Great Seattle Running Trails

Need help finding a new trail to try? Here are Hannah Shultz’s favorite Seattle running trails to head for a good fall run.

  • Carkeek Park is one of Seattle’s natural gems, sporting beautiful views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. This time of year, head over to Pipers Creek to catch a glimpse of the returning salmon.
  • Discovery Park offers spectacular views of the Puget Sound and both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges. It also offers two miles of protected tidal beaches as well as open meadow lands, dramatic sea cliffs and thick forest groves.
  • Lincoln Park boasts an array of trails for all levels of runners, including switchbacks on the north and gentle trails to the south that connect a mile of rocky beaches to a bluff of grassy forests and serene meadows.

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