All You Need for a Great Indoor Workout Routine

It’s time to dust off the treadmill in the basement or put a few bucks into some equipment to use in the spare bedroom or living room.

You’ll be glad to have it on rainy days when your workout moves inside or on busy days when you can just squeeze in a few reps.

indoor workout dumbells


A decent pair of dumbbells doesn’t cost much, but what you can do with them will yield a healthy return in the form of increased strength and toned muscles. You can also have really nice biceps with the help of this equipment. Exercises range from presses and squats to lateral raises, deadlifts, and more. You may want to check out more workouts here.

Pull-up Bar

Have an out-of-the-way doorway? It could be the perfect spot for a pull-up bar. Workouts with these bars are great for the core, but they’re also a nice way to strengthen the upper body, including arms and shoulders.

indoor workout medicine ball

Medicine balls

Almost as versatile as dumbbells, medicine balls offer an easy way to stay toned and take up hardly any room inside. Simple exercises with a medicine ball can strengthen your core, tone abs and shoulders and add power to your legs.

Bike stand

No stationary bike? No worries. Stationary bike stands are great for converting your commuter into an indoor workout machine. Various models span the price spectrum and also come with an array of features, including different levels of resistance and Bluetooth technology to track your workouts.

A few go-tos

You might have your own routine or favorite exercises, but you can also get inspired on by searching YouTube for something that calls to you. You can stream workouts or find DVDs even at the library! Trainer Katelyn Page offers a total body workout with minimal or no equipment.

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