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5 Tips for a Great Indoor Workout Routine

As the rainy days slowly take over the sunny ones, those who fancy their workouts outside may find themselves shifting to an indoor workout routine. That might mean joining a gym, dusting off the treadmill in the basement or pouring some big bucks into new weight training equipment for the spare bedroom.

But just because you’re not one to pound the pavement in the rain doesn’t mean you need to break the bank for a solid and simple indoor workout. While the fall and winter run their course, consider some of these tips for an affordable, effective and fun indoor workout where it’s nice and dry.

indoor workout dumbells


A decent pair of dumbbells doesn’t cost much, but what you can do with them will yield a healthy return in the form of increased strength and toned muscles. Exercises range from presses and squats to lateral raises, deadlifts and more.

Pull-up Bar

Have an out-of-the-way doorway? It could be the perfect spot for a pull-up bar. Workouts with these bars are great for the core, but they’re also a nice way to strengthen the upper body, including arms and shoulders.

indoor workout medicine ball

Medicine balls

Almost as versatile as dumbbells, medicine balls offer an easy way to stay toned and take up hardly any room inside. Simple exercises with a medicine ball can strengthen your core, tone abs and shoulders and add power to your legs.

Bike stand

No stationary bike? No worries. Stationary bike stands are great for converting your commuter into an indoor workout machine. Various models span the price spectrum and also come with an array of features, including different levels of resistance and Bluetooth technology to track your workouts.

Bargain bod

There are even easier and more cost-effective ways to get your heart rate up and your muscles toned inside this winter — by simply using everyday household items. Instead of dumbbells, try water bottles filled with sand or water. Use your staircase for calf-building workouts or try triceps dips in between two dining room chairs. The possibilities are practically limitless. Here are 20 from Rodale Wellness.

Any or all of these various pieces can be fit together for a satisfying indoor workout. You can burn calories and get warmed up on your stationary bike, but Bicycling magazine offers up some other workout advice for getting the most out of a session. A variety of curls, presses and other exercises make for great dumbbell workouts, and Men’s Health offers 10 exercises with a pull-up bar to work into your routine.

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Jon Bell

Jon Bell writes about the outdoors, fitness, health, and a range of other topics from his home in Lake Oswego, OR. He is also the author of "On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak."