A Song for Every Mile: 26 Songs to Keep You Going in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Running Wednesday, May 7, 2014 Written by

Singer-songwriter Kris Orlowski is passionate about music – so much so that he’s been able to launch a successful music career while working in Seattle’s fast-paced tech industry as a marketing consultant.

When he isn’t writing songs, touring the country with his band or presenting to clients, you’ll find him being active and enjoying the great outdoors, which is why we asked him to curate a Northwest-based running playlist that’s full of his favorite local artists.

We all know the Northwest is a hub for great music, so Kris’ Northwest running playlist is the perfect motivator to train for and finish your upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll half or full marathon in Portland (May 18) and Seattle (June 21). Good luck!

Northwest Running Playlist for the Rock ‘n’ Roll

To learn more about Kris Orlowski, visit his website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Want to hear his music? Kris has upcoming shows in Seattle on June 3 and in Portland on June 4. And be sure to check out his album, Believer, out now.