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When You’d Rather Stay In, Bring the Indoors Out

With a finite amount of time in each day, sometimes it can feel next to impossible to accomplish all the things at home that you want to do, and then find motivation to go adventuring outside. Yet with psychological and emotional studies continuing to discover a multitude of benefits to being in the outdoors for even 30-minutes a day, finding the time is immensely impactful. 

Here are a few ideas on ways you can make small adjustments to your routine that’ll allow you to still do your favorite indoor activities, but outside instead! 

Instead of watching Netflix, go watch a sunset

The great thing about streaming services like Netflix or Hulu is that once your show premiers, it’s available any time you want. So maybe at least once a week, instead of spending hours in front of the television, go for a walk around the neighborhood and find a quiet place to watch the sunset. Consider bringing a blanket and a warm beverage to make it a really cozy show! 

Instead of working out at the gym, go for a hike

Did you know that treadmills were originally invented as torture devices? Yeah, it’s true. Which explains why working out at the gym can seem like such a dreadful experience sometimes! So how about the next time you want to get some cardio in, you skip the indoor routine and head out for a hike instead! Not only will your heart get the exercise it needs, but you may find your mind and emotions in a much more soothing place afterwards, too. 

Instead of a bath, go soak in some hot springs

Sure, a nice night at home with a bubble bath is super relaxing, but imagine that same experience outside in a natural hot spring! Not only will your body get the same rest and relaxation as a night at home, but you’ll even reap a few extra benefits. Some studies suggest that soaking in a natural hot spring may help blood circulation, reduce stress, relieve pain, and even heal skin irritations. Not sure where to go? Check out this guide to hot springs to visit here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Instead of grocery shopping, go forage berries or catch seafood

One of the many incredible things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the abundant resources; from fresh water to a plethora of berries and a diverse fish and wildlife population. Not only are these resources we can find at the local grocery store, but is actually an activity we can learn to do ourselves outside! Consider taking a course or studying a book and try your hand a foraging. From berries, mushrooms, and even herbs – the outdoors provide so many options! Or, if you’re near the water, check-out what restrictions or permits are in season and go try to catch your own seafood. Whether throwing a crab pot off a dock, heading to the bay to dig for oysters, or fishing in a lake; not all your food needs to come from the grocery store. 

Instead of scrolling social media, go volunteer 

According to Statista, the average adult spends nearly two and a half hours on social media each day. What if instead of engaging with a digital community or supporting a cause with a thumbs-up, you chose to invest your time in-person for your local community? While there are countless ways to get involved, one great way to do so outside is by volunteering at a trail clean-up event. Not only will you be helping maintain one of the natural areas we’re so lucky to recreate in, you’ll also be doing so with a group of other like-minded individuals and may even make a new friend! 

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