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How to Get More Steps on the Hunt for Pokestops in Seattle

To the delight of ’90s children in the U.S., Pokemon Go brings Pokemania into the real world. Made popular in TV, movies, video games, and through the Pokemon TCG (trading card game), the Pokemon franchise invites you to collect monsters to fight against one another. Now these creatures and the gyms where they battle are steps away, on the screen of your mobile device.

For the uninitiated, Nintendo recently released Pokemon Go as a free mobile game for Android and iOS devices. Using real-world map and GPS data, it brings virtual monsters right into your neighborhood. Real-world locations serve as Pokestops (places to get goodies) and gyms (places for Pokemon to train).

The goal is simple: Catch them all. To do so, you’ll have to walk around. So this is one video game that’ll get you out of the house and racking up some serious steps. Searching for Pokemon and Pokestops in Seattle is a great active family activity too.

Although it’s easy to find Pokestops and gyms near you, it’s a little more difficult to find areas dense with them that are not near you.

This type of game – Pokestops – is gaining especially among the young people who enjoy gaming and want to make a career out of it. There are international tournaments where players can play and win prize money. For many, similar online games that pay real money tend to be an extra source of income. In general, professional gamers earn money from five sources: prize money, salaries, sponsorships, live-streaming, and video-on-demand content.

Pokestops in Seattle – Capitol Hill

Length: 3 miles (about an hour)
Potential Pokemon: Machoke, Drowzee, Tauros, Rhyhorn, Cubone, Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Electabuzz, Squirtle, Evee, Abra, Clefable, Gastly, Geodude. Growlithe, Haunter, Slowpoke, Staryu, Tentacruel

(*maps don’t necessarily show all Pokestops near routes)

Capitol Hill is a veritable breeding ground of Pokemon with a large number of Pokestops in Seattle. You’ll begin at the corner of 11th Ave and E Union Street. From there, you’ll walk a block to 12th Ave and turn left (north) up the street. Then you’ll walk a block and a half to find a Pokestop outside of the delectable sushi restaurant Momiji. Continue north until you hit E Olive Street a block and a half up and turn left (west) toward Cal Anderson Park, which has turned into a popular meet-up spot for Pokemon trainers. As you continue walking straight through the park, you’ll see multiple Pokestops. You’ll also find its east entrance full of lures others have placed to attract Pokemon.

From there turn right (north) onto Nagle Place and walk a few blocks until E Denny Way, where you’ll turn left (west). Take the first right (north) onto Broadway E and travel north until E John Street. From here you can turn right (east) to find a gym at the corner of 10th and John, or else keep walking north until you hit a Pokestop by Tacos Chukis. Continue north until E Thomas Street and turn right (east), stopping after a block where you’ll find a Pokestop by Café Solstice.

Turn around and then turn right (north) on Broadway, where you’ll find a Pokestop at the corner of E Republican Street. Keep traveling north a few blocks and you’ll pass a gym opportunity at E Roy Street and Broadway. Continue up Broadway where it turns into Roy and then it turns into 10th. You’ll keep traveling north a number of blocks until E Highland Drive where you’ll turn right (east) and continue into Volunteer Park. Walk up the path, cross Highland and turn south down the path, where you’ll find a Pokestop. Walk southeast to find another Pokestop and continue around the reservoir until you find another Pokestop at the circle.

Then turn north onto Volunteer Park Road. You’ll find a couple of Pokestops by Black Sun and Seattle Asian Art Museum. Continue up the road until you hit a Pokestop in front of the Volunteer Park Conservatory, then turn east onto Highland. You can catch a couple of Pokestops just north of you or keep walking until 15th Ave E where you’ll find a Pokestop. Turn north and then take an immediate right onto E Galer Street and finish at the Pokestop outside of Volunteer Park Café (before 17th).

Pokestops in Seattle – Queen Anne

Length: 2 miles (about an hour)
Potential Pokemon: Lickitongue, Zubat, Drowzee, Growlithe, Pikachu, Evee, Dragonair, Ghastly, Golem

Queen Anne’s parks offer great walking opportunities and hiding spots for Pokemon and Pokestops in Seattle. You’ll begin at the corner of Bigelow Avenue N and Boston Street where you’ll find a Pokestop. Turn west on Boston, then turn left (south) down 4th Avenue N. Turn right (west) onto Crockett Street and then turn left (south) onto Nob Hill Avenue where you’ll find a Pokestop. Travel south, making a left (east) onto Newton Street, where you’ll find a Pokestop at the corner of Newton and 4th Avenue N. Continue east until 5th Avenue N, where you’ll turn left (north). Travel a block to Crockett Street and turn right (east). Then walk to Taylor Avenue N, turn right (south) and find a Pokestop. Continue south until Newton Street, then turn left (east) onto Newton where you’ll pass MacLean Park and find a Pokestop. Just east you’ll find a Pokestop before you hit Aurora.

Travel south down the path through Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt, which curves west towards Trolley Hill Park. Here you’ll find three Pokestops. From there, walk past Taylor and turn left (south) on 5th Avenue N. Continue until you hit Garfield, where you’ll turn right (west) and find a Pokestop about a block up the road.

Travel east down Garfield, turning right (north) at 1st Avenue N and then left (west) onto Garfield after about a block. Keep going until you hit 4th Avenue W where you’ll turn left (south) and find a Pokestop. Then turn left (east) on W Galer Street, turning right (south) at 3rd Avenue. Continue south until you hit W Highland Drive and turn left into Kerry Park. Here you’ll finish your journey at a Pokestop in Seattle with the best city skyline views.

Pokestops in Seattle – Ballard

Length: 2 miles (about 45 minutes)
Potential Pokemon: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Abra, Psyduck, Poliwag, Bellsprout, Caterpie, Drowzee, Evee, Fearow, Gastly, Paras, Seel, Staryu, Tauros, Vulpix

Another neighborhood loaded with Pokestops in Seattle is Ballard. You’ll begin your trip at a Pokestop on the corner of NW 70th Street and 19th Avenue NW and walk west through Salmon Bay Park. You’ll find a Pokestop at the edge of the park and then turn left (south) onto 21st Avenue NW. Continue south until turning right (west) onto NW 65th Street.

Turn left (south) at the corner onto 22nd Avenue NW. From there you’ll travel until NW 58th Street NW where you’ll see a Pokestop. Then travel through Ballard Commons Park, turning right (west) onto NW 57th Street, and then left (south) onto 24th Avenue NW. Continuing south you’ll find a Pokestop near the corner of NW Market Street and 24th. Turn east down Market and you’ll find a Pokestop by the Matador and some more a block further east.

Turn south onto 22nd, making a left turn onto Ballard Avenue NW. You’ll find a Pokestop by Percy’s at the corner of NW Vernon Place and Ballard Avenue. Keep going down Ballard Avenue until NW Dock Place, where you’ll find a Pokestop by Ballard Loft. Turn left (northeast) onto Dock to find a Pokestop by Café Mox. You can either end here or take a right (southeast) onto Leary Avenue NW. Go down Leary until turning right (south) onto 17th Avenue NW, continuing south until Shilshole Avenue NW. Turn left (east) until the 15th Ave NW overpass and climb the steps. Turn south onto the Ballard Bridge (taking extra care) and you’ll finish at the Pokestop midway down the bridge.

Pokestops in Seattle – Green Lake

Length: 2 miles (about 45 minutes)
Potential Pokemon: Clefairy, Crabby, Dratini, Psyduck, Horsea, Poliwag, Bulbasaur, Dragonair, Jynx, Magikarp, Staryu

Besides riding the bus around all day, there’s no better way to farm Pokemon than by strolling down Green Lake’s 2.8-mile paved path. Beginning at the Pokestop at the Seattle Public Theatre, travel north up the Green Lake Trail, following its curve around the lake. At the north end of the lake, you’ll find a Pokestop at the Green Lake Park Wading Pool. From there, continue down the trail or East Green Lake Drive N around the lake until you hit NE Maple Leaf Place and turn left (east), where you’ll find a Pokestop by Super Jock ‘n Jill.

Keep walking until Woodlawn Avenue NE, turning right (south) and walk until NE 72nd Street, where you’ll find a Pokestop near the corner. Turn right (west) onto 72nd and then walk back to the Green Lake Trail and continue following it as it curves south and west around the lake. You’ll finish at the lake’s southern edge at the Green Lake Aqua Theater Pokestop. From here you can continue south into the loaded Woodland Park, where you are sure to find much more pickings.

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Editor’s Note: Please stay safe while hunting, trainers! Enjoy Pokemon Go but always be aware of your surroundings and do not enter dangerous areas while playing.