Tips for Finishing the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Running Monday, June 17, 2013 Written by

Some people love to run. Some love rock ‘n’ roll. For those who love both, we give you the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll events are a series of half and full marathon races that are held in cities across the U.S. And on June 22, 2013 the show is coming to Seattle.

Unlike traditional marathons, the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons make running fun. And a lot of this comes from the party atmosphere that comes with every step. With music at every mile, cheer squads lining the course and goodie-packed water stations, the focus becomes less about, “wow, there’s still more than halfway to go?” and more about, “wow, is that guy racing in go-go boots?” (Answer: Yes. Yes he is.)

Bryan Nealer, a finisher of all three Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathons held in Seattle, summed up the experience well.

“Nothing helps you beat mile 11 like a bunch of 8th grade cheerleaders screaming at you,” Nealer said.

While the cheer squads are great, the music is the definite highlight of the race. And though the bands may not exactly be topping the charts, that’s not the point.

“The musicians are out there for you, which is great and motivating,” Nealer said. “It’s a 26.2-mile concert.”

Sound like your kind of race? If so, here are a few tips for anyone eying a marathon to make it a great experience:

Find an online marathon training plan

There are tons of resources out there for newbie and seasoned runners alike. Runner’s World offers free training plans based on your running level and goals, and Pear Sports, a Rock ‘n’ Roll event sponsor, offers programs developed specifically for the Rock ‘n’ Roll series on their training site.

Join a training club

It’s always helpful – not to mention motivating – to recruit a running buddy or join a training club. Seattle Running Club hosts all types of group runs, both in the city and on trails nearby, which are great for finding new courses and meeting other runners.

Start slowly and cross-train

Many runners, particularly those new to marathons, end up with knee or ankle injuries, shin splints or joint pain. And this often happens when runners push themselves too hard, don’t allow enough recovery time after long runs, or fail to cross-train with other activities like swimming and biking that helps you build other muscle groups.

Fuel your body wisely

To keep your body engine going, you have to fuel it with the right food. And this means eating balanced meals throughout your training.

Many runners think they should load up on carbs before a race. But pre-race pasta dinners and bagels at the start line won’t give you the nutrition you need. Yes, carbs offer quick, easily digestible fuel. But you also you need protein to rebuild muscles, and nutrients from fruit and vegetables to prevent muscle soreness.

Above all, have fun.

Yes, running can be hard. But if you start slowly and focus on appreciating the simple pleasures that come from being outside, moving, and gradually getting fitter, stronger and faster, you’ll have a rockin’ good time.

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