5 Active Ways to Salvage a Rainy Weekend in the Northwest

Fitness Friday, November 20, 2015 Written by

If you’re going to stay active in the Northwest all year long, you can’t let the region’s storied rains get in your way. Even so, there is bound to be a rainy weekend when all the sogginess dampens your motivation to get outside.

When that happens, don’t scrap the entire weekend. Instead, keep your game going inside with one of these great, active ways to salvage a rainy weekend in Seattle and Portland.

  1. Rock In

    rainy weekend northwest

    Too wet for the outdoor crags? No worries. Both Seattle and Portland have plenty of great indoor climbing options to help keep your chops in shape. In Seattle, check out Stone Gardens, Vertical World Seattle or the Seattle Bouldering Project. In Portland, the Circuit Bouldering Gym has three locations; there’s also the Portland Rock Gym and Planet Granite.

  2. Ride On

    rainy weekend northwest

    Riding in the rain and mud can be fun this time of year, but for a little drier experience, consider saddling up indoors. Portland’s Lumberyard indoor biking park offers varied mountain biking terrain for all kinds of riders. North of Seattle in Burlington, the Burlington Bike Park is a unique indoor dirt facility with a pump track, ramps and more.

  3. Kick It

    rainy weekend northwest

    Sure, rainy-day soccer can be fun, but there’s something to be said for a charged-up and drier game inside. With soccer’s popularity booming in the Northwest, it’s no surprise that loads of options exist in Seattle and Portland for everything from pickup games to more serious leagues. Want a new twist on the game? Both metro regions also have thriving scenes for futsal, a Brazilian variation of soccer that’s played indoors on a hard surface between teams of five.

  4. Roll With It

    rainy weekend northwest

    Thinking the rainy winter months are a good time to get back into skating or to give it a first try? With an indoor skate park like Portland’s Commonwealth Skateboarding, which offers sessions for kids, girls-only and even an “Olds Night,” it is. The All Together Skatepark serves up the same kind of skating fare in Seattle.

  5. Take a Dip

    rainy weekend northwest

    The idea of hopping in a swimming pool on a chilly and damp Northwest Saturday may not initially sound all that appealing, but a good pool workout or a fun day at the waterpark will make you forget all about what’s going on outside. Both Seattle and Portland are home to public pools that are great for lap swims, as well as indoor waterparks that can be great fun — and a workout in themselves — for anyone.

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