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Actively Northwest Neighborhood: Green Lake

Last updated March 19, 2019

Green Lake is a true neighborhood gem in Seattle, featuring one of the best parks in the city for exercise, pick-up lawn games, or place to hang your hammock. The park gets crowded in summer months, but it’s still worth a visit. (Great people watching!) If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend timing your visit in the early morning. Evening visits are also nice: Green Lake has great sunsets. Nearby cafes and pubs offer refreshments and sidewalk dining.

Here’s our rundown of not-to-be-missed activities at Green Lake and the surrounding neighborhood.


Green Lake Park is the heart of this vibrant neighborhood, offering a host of fitness options. Join a running group, find a bootcamp, or even try paddleboard yoga.

Take a lap: All Seattleites and visitors should experience the 2.8 mile paved trail that hugs the edge of the lake. It’s perfect for a walk or run and also popular with rollerbladers and cyclists.

Green Lake loopTrack and Field: For a longer run, there’s a path outside the inner loop. This 3.36 path is popular with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group-one of the most well-known meetup groups in the city. Check out one of their Monday track workouts.

Tennis Courts: On the northwest side of the park you’ll find tennis courts tucked away in the shade. The courts on the northeast edge are a bit sunnier-but they’re also right next to the swimming area. Play a match and take a dip!

Athletic Fields: Also to the east are expansive lawns ripe for pick-up soccer, volleyball and Frisbee games. To the south you’ll find the turf fields and baseball diamonds of Lower Woodland Park.

Green Lake Boathouse boat rentals

Boat Rentals: On a nice summer day there’s nothing better than getting out on the water. You can rent SUPs and paddle boats on the east side of the lake near the popular swim area. You can also bring your own float and let the breeze carry you.

However, having your own boat can make traveling and exploring the lake area much easier. That way, you won’t have to worry about having the boat only for a few hours or days. The only thing you should remember before launching your boat into the lake is to keep it in good condition. Check all of the fixtures required for it to sail properly ahead of time. You may also bring basic tools to fix any problems that may arise during the journey, such as screws, wood plugs, or copper nails (find the best copper nails here), among others.

Gregg's Greenlake Cycle

Bike the neighborhood

The original Gregg’s Cycle is a landmark in the neighborhood. A family business in every sense of the word, Robert Gregg moved to Seattle in the 1930s and opened the business as a rental shop that rented bikes for $.05 per hour. (How awesome would that be today?)

Gregg’s has evolved over the years as cycling products changed and customer needs evolved, but the business continues to stay in the family. Stan Gregg, the grandson of the founder, is now the current owner and takes pride in leading the Northwest cycling market. For cycling enthusiasts today, Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle is a perfect place for routine bike maintenance, upgrades to new models.

Do you have any favorite healthy or active spots in Green Lake? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.