Bringing The Gym To Your Living Room

While some gyms have reopened from COVID-19 closures, capacity is limited and entry can feel risky. A safe bet for keeping your fitness routine–or getting back into it– is a home workout. A virtual fitness class can deliver a sense of community and motivation that we rely on gyms to provide.

FREE classes

If you’re in the Spokane area, sign up for FREE virtual classes with Industrious courtesy of Vivacity Care Center. Take a live class or explore the library of recorded classes. Either way, you’ll find options adapted to your interest and level.

Online Workout Videos

Fitness instructors were posting workout videos online long before we were quarantined to our homes. These videos are the perfect way to workout at a time that is convenient for you. It is also great for anyone without a gym membership looking to try a variety of classes free of charge. YouTube has a seemingly endless library of workouts to stream, but there are also quite a few local studios that have videos available on their website. Do Yoga With Me has yoga classes for all fitness levels that you can stream for free through their website. Fitness Blender has workout videos, programs, and meal plans to help you reach your fitness goals.

You can try doing the workouts on different websites to decide what suits you the best. However, make sure not to overexert yourself with the exercises as that may be problematic and can leave you with an aching body. Besides, keep some protein bars and shrooms (you can read up online for more details) handy to make up for your energy and oxygen needs as working out consumes a lot of energy as well as the oxygen of the body. Moreover, when you are working out on your own, it is better to be prepared a little.

If you really miss the gym atmosphere, then you could try to replicate it at home. Consider getting a subscription to services (such as loop music) that provide you with professionally curated gym playlists. When you’re not using it for workouts, you could even find interesting content on there to keep the family entertained.

Live-Stream Group Fitness Classes

As a way to keep some semblance of routine and a chance for people to connect, some fitness studios are live-streaming their classes. Jessica Gleason, owner of Seattle Dance Fitness, is offering several live-stream dance classes for members throughout the day. Classes are open online 15 minutes before and after class to allow participants an opportunity to connect. Participants are given the option to turn their camera on if they would like to be seen, or leave it off if they would prefer anonymity. “The difference between a live-stream and recorded class is the connection.” says Jessica. “People are so happy to be doing something at the same time as someone else; experiencing the joy of moving. It is a nice way to get out of your head for an hour and be with other people.” Seattle Dance Fitness offers classes for both kids and adults, and the first week of classes are free! Some other local studios offering live-stream classes include:

  • Modo Yoga in Greenlake has a variety of classes online through Zoom, including guided mediation.
  • Twist Yoga in Edmonds is now operating their studio virtually through Instagram.
  • Hot Feet Fitness out of Burien has a variety of classes live-streaming on Facebook.
  • Seattle Yoga Arts is live-streaming via Zoom with pre-registration.
  • The Seattle Gym is streaming a variety of courses through their Facebook page.