Take a Yoga Class on a Budget

Yoga is a popular workout activity with a myriad of benefits, from increasing strength and flexibility to helping you cut back on stress.

But while yoga can be a great way to exercise, it doesn’t always come cheap, with individual classes typically costing $15-$20 each and monthly yoga studio memberships costing upwards of $100. If the cost of yoga classes has kept you from taking up this practice in the past, you’ll be happy to know that there are ways to reap all of the health benefits of a regular yoga practice without breaking the bank. Here are just a few ways to find yoga classes on a budget.

Look for new student deals and discounts

Many yoga studios will offer discounts for new students. This may come in the form of taking your first class for free, getting a discount on your first month’s membership, or being able to purchase a group of courses at a discount. These deals are a good way to decide if yoga classes are right for you.

Plus, if you live nearby multiple yoga studios, you could potentially get a few weeks worth of yoga at a deeply discounted price by using new student discounts at more than one studio. This has an added benefit of helping you find a yoga studio that’s a good fit for you if you want to continue with your yoga practice.

Many yoga studios in our area offer such deals. One Mind Yoga in Issaquah and Soul Spark Yoga in Kent both offer first class free deals, while Spokane Yoga Shala offers two weeks of unlimited yoga for $20 and Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue has a four classes for $40 package for new students. Contact the yoga studios near you to see if they offer any special discounts for new students.

Check out local colleges

Oftentimes, the continuing education department of your local community college will offer fitness classes, including yoga. Classes are typically scheduled in six or eight-week blocks with one class a week, and the per-class cost often comes out to less than what you would pay at a yoga studio. Bellevue College, North Seattle College, and Everett Community College are just a few schools in the area that offer reasonably priced yoga classes. They may instruct you on yoga fundamentals such as the meaning of namaste, beginner postures to begin with, and so on.

Look for free yoga events

You can sometimes find free or cheap yoga events being offered in your community. Try joining a Meetup group to meet like-minded yogis and take part in yoga classes that are usually budget-friendly. Many times these groups will hold classes that are free or only suggest a small donation to attend. The Free Yoga in Seattle group and the Kitsap Yoga and Meditation group are just two of many yoga groups you can join in the Pacific Northwest. Athletic apparel stores like Lululemon and Athleta offer occasional free classes. Follow your local store on social media for more dates. You might also check local running stores.

You might also be able to find one-time free or inexpensive yoga events in your city. Sites like Eventbrite can be a good place to start when it comes to finding such events.

Check out your local Parks and Recreation department

Did you know that your city’s Parks and Recreation department can be a great source for finding affordable yoga classes? Like with community college classes, they are typically scheduled once a week over a period of a few weeks and the cost per class is reasonable. The Parks and Recreation departments of Kent, Spokane, and Renton all offer such classes; check with your city’s department to see if you can take advantage of this cost-saving yoga option.

With a little research, it’s easy to find budget yoga classes and start incorporating the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice into your workout routine.

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