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Yoga With a View

The calmness of a darkened yoga studio with soft music is almost too good to top.


When the summer months roll around and we can breathe and flow without heavy raincoats, it’s nice to take the practice outside. Replace the soft music with the distant sounds of birds chirping and children playing. Replace the low lights with warm sunshine. Just remember to sunblock up and don’t be surprised if your sunglasses slide off when you’re in downward-facing dog.

Here are some gorgeous ways to enjoy the view with a side of yoga.

Paddleboard yoga

You might mingle with a seal. You might fall off your board and into the water. You might have the best savasana of your life. Anything can happen when you take your practice to an unstable surface—and that’s exactly why you should try it!

Based on previous experience, we can assure you that no one is good at paddleboard yoga, so don’t let inexperience stop you from joining a class.

What to know: Wear quick-drying (not cotton) clothing that you can move in. Bring a dry bag or waterproof phone case if you need items on your board. Make sure to securely clip your keys and anything else to your life vest, board, or something that floats.


Free group classes

Seattle Center Fitness Programs offer an opportunity to sweat on the lawn. Bring your own mat for midday yoga or check out other classes like Zumba and bootcamp.

If you’ve been to Olympic Sculpture Park, you know the water views are spectacular. You might even catch some playful seals while you practice yoga on dry land.

Fitbit Local brings larges groups together for yoga and other workouts in interesting places, like a winery. Check out upcoming opportunities.

Classes in parks

Check out group workouts in the Yoga on the Dock series at Elliott Bay Marina.

Join a yoga group each Wednesday at Gas Works Park.

Find your Om and take in the sunset at Lake Sammamish State Park. Cover available on rainy nights.

Gorgeous Boulevard Park becomes the classroom in Bellingham for Yoga-In-The-Park. 

Park, rooftop or studio yoga awaits at Be Yoga Wild in Tacoma.

You can also find outdoor yoga groups near you on—or start your own!

Take a Yoga Class on a Budget


Candace Nelson

In the mountains or water debate, Candace Nelson, MS, CN chooses water every time. She is a licensed nutritionist and loves taking any fitness class that makes her forget she's working out. Read more at

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