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3 Northwest New Year’s Dishes for Good Health and Good Luck

When you raise your glass to toast to good health on New Year’s Eve, pair your beverage with a bite of these ingredients believed to bring good luck. This might be a good year to take a chance on luck, but even if you aren’t superstitious, these dishes will have you starting the year on a healthy note.

Greens and Beans

Vitamin-rich greens and fiber-packed beans represent wealth, so they’re often included on New Year’s menus across the world. Dress them up for a hearty winter meal. While you could just open up a can of refried beans, dried beans are a healthy, cheaper, and tastier alternative. Need some more encouragement to experiment with dried beans? Portland-based blogger Sara Tetreault of Go Gingham explains why she uses them.


Though pork is forbidden in some cultures, in others it’s considered good luck. Pork can also be healthy if you stick to leaner cuts and preparations. Shut Up & Cook blogger Erina Malarkey has her own mouth-watering version of Paseo’s Cuban sandwich, a famous Seattle treat. Skip the mayo for less fat and fewer calories. For a taste reminiscent of Northwest food trucks, grab your slow cooker and braise up some pork for these Asian-inspired tacos from Hip Foodie Mom.

Spaghetti Squash_8
Noodles are a symbol of long life – the  longer the noodle, the better. Top your angel hair or linguine with sustainable seafood, like West Coast spot prawns or Dungeness crab. Explore different types of noodles with Seattle Magazine’s tips and recipes for negotiating the Asian noodle aisle at your local market. If you’re avoiding gluten or want to try an alternative to traditional pasta, grab a spaghetti squash and try spaghetti squash with pumpkin seed pesto.

Happy New Year, everybody!