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6 Kitchen Hacks for a Healthier You

Life revolves around the kitchen. We cook there, we snack there, we connect with friends and family and we all love a nice home-cooked meal. That is why it is important to make the space a little more captivating.
Know that humans do not visit a place that lacks a beautiful ambiance and aura. Take, for instance, this example. A couple would be more likely to visit a restaurant that is well-decorated and has a vibe that encourages the process of consuming food. In contrast, a café that looks shabby has dull-colored furniture pieces, and an untidy kitchen would not attract customers.

The same is true of a kitchen in a house. You’d be more likely to cook regularly if the interior area was tastefully furnished, well-lit, organized, and neat. In fact, when people purchase a new home or when existing kitchen shelves start to seem dated, many people even choose to employ services like Kitchen Remodel Denver to give it the look they want.

Besides, chances are that you would not be repulsive towards going to the kitchen, which you would otherwise be if the kitchen looks damp and unappealing. Therefore, it is prudent that you do the needful to make it more attractive. For starters, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls and add new light fixtures (with the help of experts at CTM Electrical Services, who are known to offer the services of point cook electrician). Besides this, you can also change the countertops, cabinets, and shelves to give the space a moderate makeover.

However, if all of these above-mentioned things have been tried by you and yet you are not getting the desired results, then try our six easy hacks to transform your kitchen.

Kitchen Spacing

The first place we go when we’re hungry is the kitchen, and it is the first place you need to clean and keep orderly. Organize your fridge, clean it regularly and make sure you store only healthy options. Move vegetables and fruit outside from the bottom drawer to eye level, and stock the top row with healthy snacks like low-fat yogurt, hummus, and roasted turkey slices. Make sure you have enough space to move around and cook without facing any safety concerns. If it is an option, consider building an outdoor kitchen after consulting home improvement specialists (for example, check out Advantage Contracting). It can help you be safe and also give you enough space to keep up the kitchen items in order.

Do a purge

I bet if you looked through your condiments or sifted through your pantry, you would find dozens of expired goods. Canned beans from two years ago? Ketchup that’s been in the fridge for a year? Toss anything that looks remotely questionable and if you’re still not sure, you can look up expiration dates on Still Tasty.

Use your freezer

When you’re doing your kitchen purge, don’t forget the freezer! You likely have things hiding in the back from years ago. Once you have more space than you ever thought possible, start filling it with healthy leftovers. While you’re cooking during the week, make a few portions extra and freeze them for meals down the line when you don’t have time to cook up a nutritious meal. Follow these tips to make sure you freeze properly.

Buy smaller dishes

Forget measuring your morning cereal. Portion control is easy if you know exactly what your dishes hold. Either purchase smaller bowls and plates, or take the time to measure portion sizes out so that you know what a single portion really looks like in your dishware. You’ll be much less likely to overeat. Northwest native Susan Levy of the Well-Fed Heart is a big fan of small changes like these.

Put healthy snacks out in the open

It could be a possibility that most of you might have reached out to firms like Francostone and have built a fancy kitchen with a fine countertop. Now, as an additional decorative piece, we all could have passed by the tray of doughnuts that are sitting on top waiting to be devoured. Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to resist enticing sweets, so don’t set yourself up for a sugar coma in your own home too. Our bodies are wired to want what’s in front of us, so keep yourself in check by putting healthy snacks out in the open. Options like fresh fruit, unsalted nuts and chopped veggies should be easily accessible when hunger strikes.

Meal plan for the week

Save money, time and calories by planning your meals for the week. You’ll know exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store and you’ll know exactly what you’re cooking when you’re home for the night. It’s the easiest way to decrease stress in the kitchen while staying healthy all week long.

How a working mom meal plans for two weeks.