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Pho’licious Pho Around the Sound

When you’re battling a cold or just need some warming up, nothing sounds better than a hot bowl of pho. Pho (pronounced “fuh”) is a Vietnamese noodle soup with French and Chinese influences. It’s often served in a huge bowl with broth and rice noodles. Alongside, you will see bean sprouts, radishes, sliced chicken or beef, and tons of fresh herbs. Expect green onion, basil, chilis, cilantro, jalapeño and lime. Customizing to your taste is recommended, so add what you like! On tables at pho restaurants, you’ll also find hoisin and sriracha sauces for dipping your meat.

How to eat pho

To eat, use your chopsticks to lift bites of noodles, vegetables, and meat to your mouth. Use the spoon to sip the broth. Don’t use chopsticks to pick food off communal serving plates. It’s fine to bring your face closer to the bowl to minimize splashing.

Where to get pho in the Puget Sound area

I Love Pho

Now you have a reason to go to Factoria! I Love Pho is popular at lunchtime, but the service is quick to get you back to work. The slow-cooked broth is served in portion sizes big enough to make sure everyone leaves warm and happy. They have a full menu of Vietnamese favorites, if you’re feeling a Vermicelli bowl or Banh Mi instead.

Pho Bac

With four locations—one called Pho Viet–this family-owned business has loyal customers who claim their location is the best. You know what that means: You’ll just have to try them all and report back to us which gets your vote.

Ba Bar

This is the place for Vietnamese street food in Seattle. In Vietnam, street food is woven into the culture. It’s known for being so fresh it was growing an hour ago. It’s also a fun and social atmosphere. Check out locations in Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and University Village.

Insider tip: It’s great for vegetarians!

Green Leaf

With locations in the International District, Belltown, and Bellevue, this is a favorite for locals looking for a hot bowl of comfort food. The Belltown location is particularly popular for a late-night meal. It’s open until 2 a.m.

Insider tip: The spring rolls are amazing.

Make it at home

If you can make ramen at home, you can make pho. Stock up on Pho’Nomenal bowls and you won’t have to leave the house for a hot bowl of Pho. If you’re already out, it makes a great meal for camping or a quick work lunch. A grandmother’s recipe was carried across the world and is now the foundation of a local Seattle business. You can also feel good about buying it because founder Duke Pham has a commitment to donate bowls to those in need in honor of his mother who always made sure he and his siblings had a hot meal.

If you want to make pho at home, we recommend following Andrea Nguyen. Check out her recipe for Chinese Beef Pho. She also offers online cooking classes.

Image by thesomegirl

Pho’Nomenal image used with permission from Duke Pham

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