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15 Ways to Reclaim Your Weekend

I miss the time when I knew what day it was. As in, it’s Thursday, a.k.a., Baby Friday! Almost time to bring on the weekend, woo-hoo!

Now, I catch myself replying to those Friday afternoon emails, with “Have a great, err, uhm…weekend?” Is it even Friday, does anyone really know for sure???

We’re living in an upside-down world, but I say it’s time to reclaim our weekends, people! Here are some ideas to make that happen.

Unplug. And close that door to work
Here’s a thought – it’s the weekend! Don’t work! Pick a firm time to log off on Friday and then actually… LOG OFF. Don’t check emails, don’t work on projects. Monday will come around fast enough. Some sources are finding that we’re working up to 3 more hours a day now that we’re stuck at home. That’s why it’s so important to set a boundary any way you can. If you’re lucky enough to have an office, close the door. A friend of mine has her workstation on her dining room table and simply puts a sheet over it. Bottom line: Get your workstation physically out of sight– that will help keep it off your mind, too.

Get your farmer’s market on
Try out one of the drive-through farmer’s markets. Word on the street is that the Ballard Farmer’s Market has worked well as a drive-through to pick up pre-orders. It’s also a great way to get fresh, delicious, healthy food while supporting farmers in a difficult year.

Take a hike
Go on a hike you’ve been meaning to try out. Walk a different neighborhood. So much is blooming right now – hello, fragrant lilacs! On a recent walk, I brought my garden pruners and asked a neighbor if I could clip a lilac bouquet. I brought home the loveliest flowers that really made my day. A lot of outdoor recreation is opening back up now — golfing, fishing, hiking, parks — but keep in mind the importance of safe social distancing.

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Hit the road, Jack
Go for a pretty drive, like Chuckanut or check out the Skagit Valley. Just be sure to limit your stops – pack your own snacks, water, and don’t forget the hand sanitizer in case you need to make a restroom stop.

Be a good-deed doer
Everyone could use a little extra sunshine right now. Drop off a market bouquet or two at an assisted living facility (or get those neighborhood lilacs!), call a loved one you haven’t talked to in a while, or send a letter or card to a friend you’ve lost touch with. Who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail?

Get special takeout for a date night
Our local restaurants need us now more than ever. Think about the favorite neighborhood spots you frequented pre-COVID-19 and help keep those businesses going by ordering takeout. For a special occasion, get all fancy pants with places like Canlis or keep it affordable with the best tamales in town at Frelard Tamales.

Buy a gift card for later use or make a meal donation. Some restaurants like Feedme Hospitality & Restaurant Group are taking donations to feed school kids and healthcare workers. And just like that, you’re a good-deed doer!

Pick one to-do item
We’ve all got ‘em – those endless to-do lists that you never seem to get to. Pick just one thing and commit to finishing it by Sunday. Last weekend we painted a room – we took everything out of the room, de-cluttered, cleaned top to bottom, and then gave the walls a fresh coat. It took way less time than I thought it would and holy buckets, what a great sense of accomplishment! If it’s looking like you’ll be working from home through the summer, tackle a small home improvement project that you can enjoy in the coming months, like planting a veggie garden or creating an outdoor space. Or maybe there’s a room in your house you could claim as your office. Make it a weekend project and…bam! Office with the door to shut and reclaim your weekend. Or maybe just take the time out of your busy schedule and enjoy a night in with your partner! Amidst your busy schedule it might just be possible that you both do not get enough time with each other. Make this a priority for your own sake and your relationship. If need be, bring in the big guns and use products such as a pheromones perfume to make the night more special (if you know what I mean)!

Switch it up
Commit to a completely different schedule for the weekend. Lounge in your pajamas, read a book, call a friend, do something just for you. Establish a “no chore day” to do whatever you want and one get-stuff-done day. Go see friends, if you haven’t for a while.

You can plan something with friends for a weekend, for instance, if you are into sports like baseball, you can watch it together with your buddies. Or perhaps, you can get tickets for your favorite team’s game (you can try here). Ballpark games could be a great way to pump up your blood and experience excitement and joy.

Try something new
Plan a fun activity – cook a new recipe with the family, learn a new hobby. YouTube is your friend for learning how to do just about anything.

Chill out with a spa day
Have an at-home spa day. Give yourself a facial, manicure, or pedicure (or all three!). Take a long hot soak in the tub, light candles, play some zen tunes, or create your own relaxing playlist.

Additionally, if you have a pool at home, you can take up a small remodeling project to incorporate a hot tub in it. You can also explore options such as custom spas and water features (fountain, mini waterfall, etc.) to include near your pool to enjoy, relax and pamper yourself on weekends.

Happy birthday
A friend told me she celebrated her sister’s birthday with an ‘80s movies marathon, complete with themed appetizers, drinks, an entrée, and dessert. Try a drive-by birthday parade for the little ones (or grown-ups!), or consider celebrating a half birthday, just for something fun and new.

Relax and Dig in
When work projects drag on and provide a minimal sense of accomplishment, take some time for yourself. Engage in an activity that you believe will help you relax the most. Read about something interesting like the Weirdest Homes or check out some fun memes. In fact, you can also do a little yard work as it can really satisfy the need to feel like you’ve completed something. Plant a veggie garden – kids love watching the seeds come up. Share produce with your neighbors or a food bank or share flowers with your neighbors or a local nursing home.

Shaken not stirred
Try a new cocktail for your next virtual happy hour. Some local bars are doing Instagram posts showing how to make their signature cocktails and even selling cocktail packages. Check out this option from Kelnero in Edmonds or view this complete list of local DIY cocktail kits.

For the kiddos
A friend with two younger kids described what she’s tried to keep things interesting:
Have everyone get dressed (sweats count!) during the weekdays and take turns doing an intentional school-like activity in the mornings. This helps get the day off to a good start. On weekends, try family adventures like hiking or making breakfast together (even if it still starts at 6 a.m.!). We also started doing Friday movie nights with our oldest to cap off the week.

Take your blanket fort to the next level
Pitch a tent and camp out for a night in your backyard or even set up a small tent inside the house. Kids will love it! Another creative friend said she declared herself Mom of the Year by camping with her young sons in their RV a few times on the weekends. They hiked near their house, played outside, and then ate dinner in the RV and watched movies before bed. She said her boys loved it.

Need more ideas? Ask your friends and family – the best reclaim-your-weekend ideas I’ve heard lately have been good ol’ word of mouth.

Oh, and one more thing…have a great weekend!

Wet blanket disclaimer: As more opportunities open up, be sure to check the latest public health guidance for any activities where you might encounter others beyond your own household.

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