5 Great Ways to Stay Healthy in Oregon

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From its urban parks to towering mountains, Oregon is playground for adventure lovers all year long. For those looking to balance an active life with healthy eats, the city of Portland is full of bustling farmers markets and local food bloggers who can help you plan your next healthy meal.

To give you a creative boost as winter approaches, we rounded up our favorite ways to stay healthy and active in Portland and elsewhere in the great state of Oregon.

1. Get Outside and Break a Sweat

Urban Hiking: Portland’s Washington Park
Whether you’re looking for a long, peaceful run or a short hike through the trees, Washington Park has you covered. Located just a few miles south of downtown Portland, this nature-lover’s mecca is home to the Oregon Zoo, the Japanese Garden, the Children’s Museum, and more than 400 acres of trees, gardens, trails and other outdoor attractions.

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Hiking Mt. Tabor: Portland’s Urban Workout with a Spectacular View
If you want to blast calories and see some great city views on your next Portland walk, lace up your sneaks and head over to Mount Tabor City Park, located in the heart of Southeast Portland. Offering more than 190 acres of beautiful, Doug Fir-laden forested area to explore, this once-active volcano is now a massive park that stretches from SE Lincoln to Yamhill Street, and from 60th to 71st Avenue.

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2. Get the Family Together for an Active Adventure

Family Walking Routes in Portland
Portland is the perfect place to stay active with your kids. However, if you’re planning on walking or jogging around town with a little one in tow, make sure you’re headed to a nice, stroller-friendly location. That means no giant hills, no crazy traffic and no trails that are better suited for a four-wheel drive vehicle. We’ve outlined four routes you must check out.

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Family Adventures at Portland’s Hoyt Arboretum
There’s something magical about escaping the busy streets of downtown Portland and heading into the wilderness of Washington Park. You only have to travel a few miles from the city center to land at the Hoyt Arboretum where you’ll find 12-plus miles of well-maintained, easy-to-follow trails that are perfect for the whole family.

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Northwest Healthy Road Trip – Oregon’s Bend
Up for a drive? The town of Bend, Ore. isn’t known as the “outdoor playground for the West” for nothing. From biking to hiking, rock climbing, rafting, fishing and more, this central Oregon town and its surrounding area offers a playground with no boundaries, perfect temperatures and beautiful views.

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3. Hop on a Bike

Endless Cycling Season:  How to Bike All Winter Long
You live in the Northwest. You ride in the Northwest. Unless you plan on moving to Florida, you’ll soon be riding in the rains of the Northwest, too.

While cycling in the Northwest during the beautiful late spring, summer and early fall months is hard to beat, you don’t need to stress about a little (or a lot) of rain. To continue riding safely, however, you need to pay more attention and make a few modifications. We’ve outlined five tips to ensure you ride safely throughout the winter months.

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Take a Ride on the Wild Inside – The Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park
Let’s face it. Some days, even the boldest rain-warrior riders don’t want to head out on a cold, rainy day. You don’t have to sacrifice your workout. Grab your bike and head to The Lumberyard, a 42,000-square-foot indoor bike park in Portland. You’ll find rolling, single-track trails, stout jump lines and pump tracks all year long. Better still, The Lumberyard also has an in-house pub and restaurant that serves up local microbrews and fresh food sourced from nearby farms.

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4. Explore Local Farmers Markets

Exploring the Portland State University’s Farmers Market
If you want it, chances are the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University (PSU) has it. Vegan tamales? Check. Hand-harvested pure sea salt from the Oregon Coast? Of course. Native medicinal plants? Raw juices? Lavender-infused jam? Vinegars made with fresh Pacific Northwest fruit and herbs? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Open through December 21, the selection at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU is as big and bold as any in the Northwest. Learn more about our favorite vendors before you plan a trip.

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5. Re-vamp Your Meals

Portland Food Blogs Every Foodie Should Follow
Portland has a thriving food scene and vibrant farmers markets for cooks who are passionate about local produce. However, despite the bounty, coming up with new dinner ideas can be overwhelming. That’s where food blogs come in. They’re a great place to grab recipe ideas and rediscover your passion for cooking. Check out our three top picks.

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Going Gluten Free in Portland
Living in the Northwest means you’re no stranger to people going gluten free. Despite the long list of food no-nos that a gluten-free diner faces, there’s good news for Pacific Northwesterners. Thanks to the high number of delicious gluten-free restaurants, eating well in this region is a piece of gluten-free cake. From Tulia to Jade Bistro, check out our favorite gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in the Portland area.

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