50 Ways to Feel Connected Without a Screen

Self Care Saturday, November 28, 2020 Written by

The holiday season is here and with it comes a desire to connect with friends, family, or anyone outside our household! We could probably also stand to take a break from our devices (eye strain is a real concern).

Here are a 50 ways to feel connected to others–even when we’re physically distanced.

  1. Write letters and send them in the mail
  2. Make a meal and leave it at a loved one’s door
  3. Read the same book as a friend (or a group) and discuss by phone
  4. Share a pair of jeans (or comfier pants) among your group of friends
  5. Join an outdoor team like disc golf, bocce, soccer
  6. Join an outdoor workout group
  7. Start a gratitude jar
  8. Make the same recipe as a loved one
  9. Send flowers
  10. Volunteer
  11. Go for a walk and talk. Walktails optional!
  12. Play board games
  13. Go for a hike
  14. Decorate your front porch for passersby to enjoy
  15. Fill a little free library
  16. Post toys and games you’re done with to your local Buy Nothing for someone else to love
  17. Read a memoir or biography
  18. Donate funds to a cause you care about
  19. Spend some time playing with your pet
  20. Set up a fun theme night for your household members
  21. Clean up in your neighborhood
  22. Make a handmade gift for a loved one
  23. Look through old photos and swap out the pictures in your frames
  24. Visit Intentionalist and support a local business
  25. Go through your closet for warm clothes and shoes to donate to a shelter
  26. Offer to pick up and drop off donations from neighbors or friends
  27. Plant a tree
  28. Paint and share a kindness rock
  29. Visit a friend and wave through the windows
  30. Rake the neighbor’s leaves or shovel their driveway
  31. Share playlists with a friend
  32. Do a puzzle together
  33. Do one of your significant other’s usual chores
  34. Enjoy a distraction-free dinner with your family
  35. Try some old family recipes
  36. Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  37. Play a virtual game of Bingo and mail or deliver prizes
  38. Leave a chalk art surprise on a friend’s driveway
  39. Decorate cookies or build a gingerbread house at the same time and text each other pictures.
  40. Create window art to inspire neighbors
  41. Challenge friends to a winter scavenger hunt
  42. Leave a seasonal surprise like a pumpkin or valentine
  43. Go to the farmer’s market or an pop-up craft fair and support local businesses
  44. Say hello to people you pass on the street
  45. Put a teddy bear in the window for kids going on a neighborhood “bear hunt”
  46. Applaud for healthcare workers at 7 p.m.
  47. Listen to a podcast
  48. Tell a trusted friend about your stress, anxiety, or depression
  49. Ask your loved ones if they’re OK
  50. Ask a loved one what they need to feel better