6 Ideas for Planning a Healthy Happy Hour

Well Being Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Written by

In the Pacific Northwest, happy hours are all about tasty drink specials and delicious small plates. Even though this is helpful in terms of socializing with colleagues and blowing off post-work steam, these get-togethers aren’t always as healthful as they could be. With that in mind, here are a few healthier ways to socialize that will keep your spirit and body happy long after you’ve logged off and clocked out for the day.

1. Plan a healthy potluck or picnic. Divvy up food assignments and ask that everyone bring a healthy food option. Hummus and veggies, fruit skewers and olives, and rotating themes like “Flavors of the Globe” are great ways to spice things up. If you do choose to whet your whistle with an adult beverage, try one of these healthy cocktail options.

2. Sports!
Test your office’s teamwork skills beyond cubicle walls by getting a team together and joining a sports league for adults. Traditional sports like softball or soccer are always good. You can also try something less traditional like kickball, ultimate Frisbee or bocce.

3. Take a walk. 
Organize walking groups that meet regularly for on-foot adventures with your company crew. Feeling pressed for time at the end of the day? Consider incorporating walking meetings into your schedule whenever possible.

4. Channel your inner child. Let loose with coworkers and break out of your daily routine with activities like bowling, mini-golf or old-school video games at spots like Add-a-Ball in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

5. Unwind on the water. Pile coworkers into a rented vessel from the Electric Boat Company, or try more active watersports like kayaking and paddle boarding. These activities offer a perfect excuse to enjoy beautiful summer weather while staying active.

6. Exercise communication skills. Stop the workday a bit early to relive the first day at childhood summer camp with teamwork games. True, they can be a bit goofy. But they work!

What ideas have you tried when planning healthier post-work outings?