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Take Advantage of Daylight Saving Time and Spring Forward With These Tips

As most Americans go to sleep on Saturday night, they’ll roll their clocks forward one hour to spring into Daylight Saving Time. Apart from the minor annoyance of losing an hour of sleep and being a bit thrown off the next day, most people enjoy having the extra hour of daylight when they get home from work.

Daylight Saving Time also gives us the feeling that we’re finally emerging from the fog of winter. Flowers are in bloom, the sky is brighter, and maybe there’s more energy to put towards the day’s activities.

It can be a great time of year to be extra productive, too. Here are a few ways to put that extended daylight to good use.

Walk or Bike Home

It’s hard to get motivated to use your commute as exercise when it’s dark and cold. But there’s about to be extra light in the evening, so why not use it to burn some calories instead of sitting in traffic? Dust off your sneakers if you live close enough to walk to work, or oil that bike chain if you’d prefer to use two wheels to get there.

Start Gardening

The longer days mean the garden-veggies and decorative plants alike-is waking up, too. Use that extra hour of daylight in the evening to get started on snap peas, potatoes, lettuce, radishes, and other early-season crops. Or, head to the nearest nursery to pick out ornamentals for the yard. If you’re already into gardening, then maybe get your garden in shape by spending some extra time outdoors. You can even consider building a garden shed or a brick garage (click here to learn more) to store all your garden equipment and maintain a pristine yard.

Go for an Evening Walk

It’s the perfect time of year to walk through the neighborhood with your family, strolling under cherry and pear trees in full bloom. Chances are you can fit in a short walk before dinner, and soon, the lengthening days will give you time to walk after, too.

Play an Outdoor Sport

Sure, we’re still in for a lot of rain this time of year, but those blissful dry days can be a great opportunity to get outside for a game of tennis, basketball, soccer, and more. Take the kids to the park and toss a Frisbee, or gather a group of friends for a game of kickball.

Rededicate Yourself Towards Goals and Resolutions

It’s the time of year when our New Year’s resolutions or new goals start to slip a little. Homeowners can look for energy alternatives like installing solar panels with the help of GA Solar Energy Specialists, solar panel installation company. It is not just about the environmental advantage, but such changes can also save you a significant amount of money. Use the extra energy that comes with the return of the light to assess your progress and rededicate yourself to fitness and healthy living goals.

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