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Educational Activities for Kids At Home

Closed school buildings might mean your child has some time to explore their own interests. And this is the perfect time to help them bring out the little scientist in them.

While some people prefer to send their kids to summer camps where they can engage in holistic learning, other parents prefer to carry out the learning in-house, so that they can also spend some quality time with their kids.

In the latter scenario, parents often get a summerhouse built in their garden (such as those offered by Scotts Thrapston) where the kids learn new things while still enjoying the warm outdoors. This space also becomes a great place for parents to enjoy some form of entertainment with their family members and close friends.

Now, that being said, we’ve pulled together a list of local at-home learning opportunities that you can enjoy with your kid in that warm little summerhouse. We also asked a seasoned homeschool teacher for her favorite resources.


Duolingo, popular app for learning a new language launched an app that helps teach kids how to read called Duolingo ABC. It uses the same engaging style as the language games, but without ads and it’s free. Available on iOS.

ReadWorks delivers reading comprehension instruction and vocabulary by grade level. It has lots of different topics to choose from to keep kids engaged and learning.


Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions are made cool with CoolMath4Kids and CoolMathGames.

Local Wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has learning resources.

Local Museums and Theater

5th Avenue Theater gives aspiring thespians a peek behind the curtain on Fridays.

Pacific Science Center is adding science, technology, engineering and math activities to their Curiosity At Home section.

Museum of History and Industry has launched a History at Home section with resources for the whole family.

Museum of Flight has tours, STEM activities and more, so the family can take flight safely from home.


The USDA Choose My Plate has nutrition activities, videos, and other resources for kids.

Creative Time

When it’s time for some creativity, kids can use the Art for Kids Hub to learn to draw popular cartoon characters. It’s fun and still teaches techniques.


As a grouping of distinct technical disciplines, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are referred to as STEM. In STEM, students’ interests and learning styles are embraced to create a unique teaching and learning approach. This means STEM education has something to offer every student.

Moreover, unlike traditional education, where subjects are taught separately, STEM education emphasizes technology and integrates subjects in ways that connect and relate disciplines. Those interested to provide such holistic learning to their kids can take a look at this Canadian STEM education platform and similar resources.

Reflecting love for God

While most people forget to include this as an educational activity, it is prudent that kids take their time out from their busy schedules to reflect on their love for Christ. Along with getting prepared for the next stage of life, it is important for children to develop a worldview centred on Biblical truth. For this reason, many parents often want to send their kids to private christian schools jacksonville fl. However, since many schools are closed now, it would be great if parents asked their kids to free some amount of their time to practice acts of faith and goodwill. This can not only make them a better student but a better human being!


Sure, their thumbs work great, but if your child needs to learn typing foundations, check out for beginner, intermediate, and advanced typing lessons with fun activities.

Engaging High School Lessons

Fast-paced courses keep up with your teen’s attention span. Crash Course offerings include the sciences, economics, government, psychology, and history.

Virtual Field Trips

No permission slip required! Visit the San Diego Zoo, Great Wall of China, Mars, and more virtual field trips.

Databases of Activities

These resources have so many lessons and activities, we can’t write about all of them. Surely, you’ll fill some hours with what you find.

Scholastic is offering virtual resources for early childhood through 9th-grade.

PBS has a huge library of age-appropriate lessons on various topics.

National Geographic launched NatGeo@Home. Find fun activities.

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