Experience Gifts for the Pacific Northwesterners on Your List

The gifting season is upon us and if your loved ones are like us, they already have a house in need of decluttering. Instead of introducing more stuff, consider an experience gift inspired by some of Actively Northwest’s most popular posts.

For those who like to get sweaty

If your giftee is into boutique fitness classes like CorePower Yoga, Orangetheory Fitness, or SoulCycle, you could consider supporting their healthy habit. Let Fun Indoor Workouts for Shorter Days inspire you. Maybe an aerial yoga or rock-climbing pass would be fun.

For your creative friend

Consider gifting an evening of painting and sipping wine, a ceramics class, or improv workshop. For more athletic artistic expression, check out Don’t Let Kids Have All the Fun: Adults Need Classes, Too. Your recipient might enjoy adult dance, ice-skating, or circus arts.

For that too-adorable couple

You know the one that always posts cute pictures on hikes and at wineries? Combine their loves and send them on a date hike. The Perfect Blend: Northwest Hikes Near Wineries offers suggestions for where your pals can grab a pinot or merlot. You just swoop in with a gift card (or a bottle). If they’re more of a beer-drinking couple, check out Hikes and Pints: 5 Killer Northwest Hike-Brewery Combos for inspiration. Who would say no thank you to a Winter Wonderland to Visit for a Long Weekend?

For the person who can’t put the phone down

How about sending them somewhere with spotty coverage? The selfie camera will still work, so they might enjoy staying at one of 5 of the Northwest’s Best Treehouse Getaways. You could also consider booking them a ferry ride and sending them to Find Peace and Quiet in Washington’s Most Remote Escapes.

For your water-loving friend

Amateur sailors and more experienced paddlers can Enjoy Lake Union—Even if You Don’t Own a Boat all year round. For a unique experience, consider sending them out on a hot tub boat, which we’re told is especially great in the winter months. Also check out the Argosy Cruise offerings for a fun winter sail.

For the food lover

We have a whole PNW Holiday Gift Guide For the Foodie In Your Life like cookbooks and kitchen gear. If your recipient already has a kitchen full of appliances and platters, you might consider a food tour or cooking class. Bonus: You’ll be invited over for homemade dumplings or thanked with a local chocolate bar.

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