Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Person Who Spent 2020 Decluttering

If your holiday shopping list includes people who spent the better part of 2020 decluttering their homes, gift-giving is going to be tricky! They waited in long lines at donation centers or spent hours responding to messages on OfferUp! The last thing they want is a home funnel cake maker cluttering the tidied kitchen or a new article of clothing with uncomfortable zippers. Instead, you could consider giving them something that has emotional value, such as a photo keychain.

Unemployment also reached nearly 15% this year with many still unemployed or underemployed. Thousands of small businesses have also closed. That means this year might be a good time to reconsider gift-giving for many reasons. We can start giving gifts to our friends, family, and relatives on their special days even though the pandemic hasn’t ended completely. Granted, it often takes time in choosing a perfect gift for anyone, and this could be due to a variety of reasons — will it be liked, does it have any purpose in their life, etc. People tend to like gifts that are memorable and especially if it is something that can be cherished for a long time. As such, Customized Jewelry, rings, and necklaces tend to be some of the nice gift ideas; that can stay memorable for them for a long time!

Gift Ideas That Won’t Become Clutter

If you want to give a little something, here are some gift ideas that won’t wreck the feng shui your loved ones have going this year.

  • A little free library to set up in the yard to continue the purging and sharing. It doesn’t have to be limited to books either. Choose a bigger model to encourage exchange of puzzles, toys, or canned goods.
  • A Scribd subscription or similar digital book subscription for the person who loves reading but not stacks of books.
  • Photo or video digitizing service for the person who got rid of their VCR decades ago, but kept the tapes.
  • A personalised face pillow or similar customized gifts that are bound to bring a smile on their face during such hard times. Every thoughtful does count when you are putting lots of effort into it.
  • A tree to plant outside and enjoy for years to come. No yard? Organizations like One Tree Planted will plant a forest for your gift recipient.
  • A gift card to a local restaurant or spa. It gives your recipient something to look forward to while supporting a local merchant now.
  • Some heat-and-eat meals for their freezer because we all have days we don’t feel like cooking.
  • This year highlighted passions. Your recipient will appreciate support for their favorite organization.

If your recipient is having a tough year, they might have some non-traditional Christmas wishes, like babysitting, help with their rent, or grocery store gift cards.

Image by philipimage