Health In Action: Amber Kelley

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When you were a kid and it was time for dinner, you probably wondered what mom or dad was going to serve. Not Amber Kelley. At just 10 years old, Amber has big ideas of her own. She runs her own cooking show and is on a mission to get her friends to think it’s cool to eat healthy.

Her mission hasn’t gone unnoticed – the Washington native has been featured on the TODAY show, New Day Northwest and even had the opportunity to chat with Michelle Obama at a White House Kids’ State Dinner. Jamie Oliver is even knocking on her door.

Amber-and-First-LadySee Why It’s Cool To Be Healthy

Meet Amber in this great introduction video to her website and her mission to make it cool to be healthy. Learn more about Amber in our interview below, and then head over to her cooking show to learn how to make tasty recipes like Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce Wraps or a No-Guilt Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Milkshake.

Interview With Amber Kelley

Amber on Q13ANW: We love your cooking show! What inspired you to start your own show and how did you get it up and running?

AMBER: Thank you! My mom used to teach people how to be healthy and make healthy foods, like green smoothies. I thought it would be great for her to have her own healthy cooking show, but she said she didn’t have time. So, I decided to do it myself instead. We started with my mom recording me on the iPad. Those first videos weren’t very good, and I thought only my grandma and grandpa would watch them. But now I have people from around the world watching my videos and it’s so amazing!

ANW: Why do you feel it’s important for kids to learn at an early age to incorporate healthy foods into their diet?

AMBER: Being healthy makes you stronger, helps you do better in school and in sports, makes you feel good and helps you live longer. For some reason, some kids think healthy foods won’t taste good. Wrong! It’s delicious! You just have to try it. If we start learning to eat well, move well and think well as kids, we’ll grow up to be strong, smart and beautiful adults.

ANW: What is your favorite healthy recipe that you like to share with your friends?

AMBER: That’s a hard question, but it’s probably the hummus with Kalamata olives and red pepper octopus. I love it because you get little chunks of Kalamata olives, and it doesn’t have tahini like normal hummus.

ANW: You were honored at the White House by the first lady at the Kids’ State Dinner. What was the best part of the experience?

AMBER: Probably when I saw that I was sitting next to the first lady. My mom and I were freaking out! I noticed that there were little name cards next to our places, and I looked at the card next to me and it said, “Mrs. Obama!” I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I grabbed my mom and showed her. When she saw it, she didn’t believe it either. Sitting next to the first lady seemed so unreal. She was so nice and inspiring! I was so honored to be there.

Want to learn more and try some of Amber’s great recipes? Check out the Cooking with Amber website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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