Health in Action: Nutrition Coach Kristi Rimkus

Northwest Community Saturday, December 14, 2013 Written by

Our Health in Action series profiles people in the community who are living Actively Northwest. Follow along each week as we profile new people who are committed to living active, healthy lives through fitness and food. 

motherrimmy head shotWe recently featured Kristi Rimkus’ healthy recipes board on our list of favorite Pinterest boards for healthy eating in the Northwest. But that’s just a small part of Kristi’s collection of delicious, healthy meal ideas for the whole family. The Snohomish, Wash.-based nutrition coach’s blog, Mother Rimmy, draws from her own experiences with losing weight and keeping it off, while making sure her family gets healthy food that tastes good. Each recipe includes nutrition information and even Weight Watchers points.

Actively Northwest talked to Kristi about her approach to food and fitness, as well as her advice for keeping healthy eating habits during the holidays.

ANW: Your inspiring journey started 18 years ago when you made a commitment to change your life through diet and exercise. You ended up losing 40 pounds. What can people learn from your story? 

Kristi: For me, the key to maintaining a healthy weight has been learning to cook healthy meals at home while finding a form of exercise I enjoy.

ANW: You write mostly about food, but tell us a bit about what you do for exercise.

Kristi: For many years, I belonged to a local gym where I took Pilates classes. They were sold to another company that didn’t keep the classes I enjoyed, so now I work out at home on my treadmill, and own a variety of Pilates, yoga and circuit training DVDs. I love it!

ANW: What do you look for in a healthy recipe to feature on your blog?

Kristi: It’s all about making healthy ingredients taste good. If the food doesn’t please the entire family, it makes it difficult for those of us watching our weight. Making two meals often is the downfall for dieters, so I want recipes that please the entire family.

ANW: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re struggling for meal ideas?

Kristi: I always check out my fellow healthy food bloggers, and go-to websites like Eating Well and Cooking Light.

ANW: Your Healthy Holidays page is a great resource for recipes this time of year (we especially loved the holiday brunch ideas). How do you make it through all the temptations of the holidays?

Kristi: That’s a tough one. I allow myself to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, but in-between, I go back to my daily routine. Skipping the treats that abound at work is my toughest challenge. This year I’ve joined another nutritionist in a commitment to stay away from office treats. It helps keep me accountable.

ANW: Any healthy seasonal recipes you would recommend for Northwest cooks?

Kristi: Mashed potatoes are often on the holiday menu. A few years ago, I found a recipe for mashed cauliflower. The cauliflower is steamed until tender, and then whipped the same as mashed potatoes. You can even lighten up your mashed potatoes by using half potatoes and half steamed cauliflower. When I tried it, it was delicious, and not one person mentioned tasting the cauliflower.

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