Keep Healthy Eating Habits on Track with These Apps

Are salty snacks and sugary sweets a constant temptation? Do you know how certain foods affect your body, both in good ways and bad?

Following a healthy diet can be difficult for many reasons, but you can stay on track better with the support of a few of our favorite food apps. So stop with the excuses and do your body a favor simply by knowing where to find the best local, healthy and sustainable options.


Eat healthier and achieve diet goals with the Fooducate app. It offers a personalized experience with easy-to-use food and exercise tracking features. The app also helps you select and buy foods that are good for you: simply scan the barcode to see instant nutrition information and find healthy alternatives with Fooducate recommendations.

Seafood Watch
We are lucky to have access to fresh seafood in the Northwest, but do you know what types of seafood are sustainable? The Seafood Watch app provides detailed information to help you find ocean-friendly fish that’s been caught or farmed sustainably.

Avoid impulsive buys at the grocery store with ShopWell. The app recommends healthy foods based on your age, gender, health goals and diet needs, and grades them on a scale of 1 to 100 based on nutrition facts. Use this knowledge to create a healthy grocery list and avoid the temptation of unhealthy choices.

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