100 Things to Do Besides Read the News

Self Care Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Written by

A watched pot never boils and a watched TV can’t call races any faster.

Remember, it’s the network’s job to report the news 24 hours a day. It’s not your job to watch or read the news 24 hours a day. In fact, excessive news consumption is associated with an increase in anxiety and depression symptoms.

It might help to set limits on how often you check the news. Maybe watch for 30 minutes a day or check the news sites in the morning and again after dinner. Ask yourself if you’re learning anything new. If the anchors and guests are just speculating about what might happen, take a break.

Don’t forget about social media. If you find yourself reacting to what you’re seeing, put your phone down and do something else.

If you need a break from the news, we offer 100 things to do instead.

  1. Try out different paint colors in your house
  2. Finally read one of those paperbacks you bought
  3. Buy a travel magazine and dream about 2021 or 2022 trips
  4. Dress warm and explore some hidden kayaking spots
  5. Do the whole dentist-recommended oral care routine
  6. Follow that with a 5-step skincare routine
  7. Do an at-home workout
  8. Clean your fridge shelves and drawers
  9. Write some postcards and then walk to the post office to mail
  10. Hang twinkle lights
  11. Plant an indoor herb garden
  12. Rake the yard
  13. Take your vitamins
  14. Jump rope or hula hoop
  15. Grow a tree from an avocado pit in a glass of water
  16. Learn a new dad-style joke and practice telling it to family or friends
  17. Read a poem
  18. Put on your rain boots and sing in the rain. Don’t forget to jump in puddles!
  19. Or go for a walk and crunch as many leaves as you can
  20. Start a bullet journal 
  21. Play board games with your family
  22. Double check that your bike is properly fitted
  23. Make an elaborate recipe
  24. Put together a puzzle
  25. Wash your floorboards—or paint them if washing isn’t enough
  26. Find the lid for each food storage container and organize
  27. Shred paper documents you no longer need
  28. Make cards to send to kids in the hospital
  29. Mend the clothes you never wear because they’re missing a button or a seam fell out
  30. Use whatever you bought and have always been too busy for like a guitar, treadmill, or a cookbook
  31. Color
  32. Participate in nanowrimo
  33. Drop off a book in a neighborhood “little library”
  34. Drop goodies on your neighbors’ doorsteps
  35. Start crafting some holiday gifts
  36. Make a list of all the movies you’ve ever wanted to see
  37. Make a scavenger hunt for a friend
  38. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad
  39. Try all the furniture in your home in a different spot—and then move it all back when it doesn’t work
  40. Take some new photos for your Zoom background
  41. Clean the oven
  42. Do the 15 stretches you should be doing every day anyway
  43. Clean out those bags of junk treasures you brought home from the office
  44. Check the expiration dates on all your canned goods. Make a plan to use the older stuff up first
  45. Check that your plants are in the right window and non-toxic to pets
  46. Buy one of each variety of apple in the supermarket and see which you like best
  47. Play the drawing game exquisite corpse
  48. Start a gratitude journal and write daily
  49. Take a free online class
  50. Reread a favorite book from your childhood
  51. Challenge your household to a lip sync battle (or charades)
  52. Make a blanket fort
  53. Check your feng shui
  54. Learn the whole dance from a music video
  55. Watch something light or funny
  56. Take off your shoes and run through the grass
  57. Write or update your will
  58. Try meditating
  59. Change your sheets
  60. Try to recreate your favorite restaurant meal
  61. Take online surveys
  62. Update your resume
  63. Go for a bike ride
  64. Gather household items to make a home gym
  65. Track your diet for a week
  66. Look up the origin story of your favorite food
  67. Digitize old photos
  68. Create a photo journal – using a journal, select a photo and place it on a page in the journal, then write a memory/memories about that photo.
  69. Categorize your books/CDs/DVDs by genre, author, year of release, color, etc.
  70. Find your Grit Score or take other personality assessments
  71. Make your own salad dressing
  72. Add a little hygge to your home
  73. Give your pet some extra playtime, a long walk, or brushing
  74. Unsubscribe from junk snail mail
  75. Eliminate trip hazards in your home
  76. Turn on your step counter app and try to hit 10,000
  77. Re-evaluate your home office
  78. Try your hand at drawing
  79. Use whatever small appliances you have tucked in the back of the pantry
  80. Make a meal plan for the rest of the month
  81. Find new ways to spoil your dog
  82. Go for a walk
  83. Listen to music
  84. Make sure you’re up to date on vaccines
  85. Go through the box of cords and chargers to find the matches
  86. Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables today (frozen or canned are fine!)
  87. Break a big goal you have down to smaller steps
  88. See if there’s a way to recycle that stuff in the garage
  89. Get lost in a podcast
  90. Do yoga
  91. See how big of a bag you can fill while plogging
  92. Call a loved one
  93. Make your favorite meal from childhood
  94. Try a homemade chia pudding
  95. Check your credit reports
  96. Learn a few words in another language
  97. Take a hike to see the fall colors before it’s too late
  98. Offer to run errands for people in your neighborhood
  99. Drink 8 cups of water
  100. Choose a topic and make a list of 100 things

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