Introducing #SelfCareSaturday

The term self-care used to conjure up images of rich women spending the day at a spa. It felt packed with privilege and reserved for those with time and money to pamper themselves.

Now we know that self-care doesn’t have to be indulgent and it’s essential to maintaining mental health with all the uncertainty swirling around us.

With that in mind, we introduce #SelfCareSaturdays on Actively Northwest. It’s meant to serve as a reminder that we all need to take a time out to recharge so we can go out there and fight for what we believe in, home educate our children, or have tough conversations with loved ones.

Self-care doesn’t have to be limited to Saturdays. It doesn’t have to look like an indulgent day at a spa. In fact, it rarely does! It can be something that’s free and easily accessible. It’s anything that feels nice to you and gives you a sense of comfort.

“Include time for relaxation and to decrease stress,” said licensed mental health therapist Hollie Gonzalez. “Mindfulness activities bring intention to the present. We’re not ruminating about the past. We’re noticing our own bodies.”

It can be sitting the kids in front of the Seattle Aquarium otter cam, so you can have a minute to meditate, take a shower–or watch the otter cam yourself!

We also acknowledge that many of you are working outside of the home and trying to take care of kids who are home 24/7 and keep managing the home. You literally don’t have one minute. In those cases, maybe it can feel like a treat to listen to an uplifting podcast while commuting or prepping dinner. It could also be a few deep breaths while Googling how to write a number in expanded form for second-grade math.

Self-Care Strategies

We asked Actively Northwest Insiders what they are doing for self-care. Here’s what we heard:

Thomas is eating as healthy as he can.

Rachel is spending time with her animals, using her rower, journaling, meditating, and coloring!

Angel is weight training and going for walks.

Sally clears 10 minutes each day for meditation. If she can’t, she incorporates mindful breathing where she can.

Amy has asked friends to switch from video calls to voice-only calls.

Amie found some extra time and peace of mind by ordering Sun Basket healthy meal delivery.

Carie lit a pumpkin spice candle for a cozy fall smell and a reminder to stop for a moment and breathe deeply.

Get more self-care inspiration.

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