7 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

You’ve likely read dozens of articles that list the countless ways you can supercharge your productivity. To help keep you from wasting precious hours figuring out how to be more productive – and prevent the awesome irony a scenario like this would create – we’ve gathered a few of our favorite productivity ideas. Everything from simple, no-brainer tips to slightly outlandish ideas that you may want to try.

1. Adopt the 90/10 Rule

Researchers at Florida State University found that high performers work in uninterrupted sessions (no distractions!) that lasted no more than 90 minutes, followed by a ten minute break. Instead of checking your email every two minutes, try to block off time to be heads down on your current project for 90 minutes. Need help staying on task? Close your email and turn your phone to airplane mode, so you can focus.

2. Get Moving and Eat Well

We don’t need to show you a study to convince you that regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep you productive. Eating a nutritious breakfast and lunch will keep your brain functioning properly, while exercise will help you ease stress, increase your energy and sharpen your focus. Whether you enjoy a morning run or a midday workout, prioritize your health and plan to exercise regularly.

 3. Clean Up!

Start with your work space. The average employee wastes one hour per day searching for missing information. Keep your desk – and your virtual desktop – clean to increase productivity and ultimately to save your sanity.

 4. Create Lists

Are you a fan of sticky notes? Outlook tasks? Whatever tool you’re fond of, make sure you’re creating actionable lists. Alex Cavoulacos of the Muse argues that you can accomplish one big mission, three medium tasks and five small things in a day. He calls this the 1-3-5 list.

5. Break Projects into Small Phases

Intimidated by a large project on your plate? Break larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones and set goals to complete each project. Working on a long, strategic plan? Tackle a section a day. Writing a book? Set a goal for how many pages you want to complete each day. Before you know it, you’ll be cruising through the project.

6. Watch Funny Videos

Yes, you read right. Surfing the Web gives you a quick respite from work and can increase your productivity for longer amounts of time. Bring on the cat videos.

7. Track Your Health and Fitness

Data hounds will rejoice. The Human Cloud research project at Goldsmiths, University of London conducted a survey with those using fitness trackers like Fitbit, Nike FuelBand and others and found that those using wearable technologies felt 85% more productive. Were they actually more productive? The verdict is out, but there’s no harm in trying for yourself.

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