It’s Time to Take a Tech Timeout

Well Being Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Written by

We all know this is a tech-driven age. Teens today are known as the “Facebook Generation.” Toddlers are savvy enough to swipe their tiny little fingers across a tablet screen and bring the digital world to life. Tech is here to stay. However, despite all the good we can do with technology, our increased plugged-in time means many of us are missing out on important, less-digital aspects of life.

We know… unplugging is easier said than done. To get you started, here are a few simple ideas that will help you disconnect from your devices and reconnect you with friends, family, nature and perhaps, even yourself.

Hit The Great Outdoors: Load up the car with snacks and good tunes, and hit the asphalt for some good old-fashioned road tripping. Within driving distance of Seattle, explore the outdoors at Snoqualmie FallsMount St. Helen’s and the Columbia River Gorge. Check out our 3 Hikes Near Seattle post suggestions for hikes and campsites that are good for the entire family.

Get Cultured: Take advantage of the Seattle Art Museum’s Family Programs as well as summer reading programs and cultural events sponsored by The Seattle Public Library. Structure a full day of city exploration using family-friendly itineraries offered by 10Best (for Seattle) and Red Tricycle (in Portland).

Volunteer: Encourage budding do-gooders with volunteer opportunities the whole family can participate in together.

Dive In: Seattle “summer” may not always be synonymous with “swimming,” but there are still ways to get fully submerged this season. Check out nearby beaches and wading pools or, on those rare days when things really do heat up, enjoy a stay-cation at local outdoor pools.

Farm Fun: Head to The Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington, Wash., and to Remlinger Farms in Carnation, Wash., where 200-acre venues invite families to enjoy kid-friendly rides to pick berries and to pet alpacas and goats.

Unplug at Home: Declare a tech detox for a set amount of time, and return to activities of yesteryear like reading (actual books!), playing board games, planting a garden and writing letters (remember snail mail?).

There you have it. Now that you’ve got ideas, it’s time to cut the cord. Power down, disconnect and reconnect with the non-digital world!