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Fun Winter Dates to Get You Out of the House

When you’ve watched everything in your Netflix queue and the staff at your closest restaurant knows your order by heart, it’s time to break out of your date rut. We know! It’s hard to leave the house when it’s dark and rainy, but we promise you’ll have fun.

However, there are a number of ways that you and your partner can plan a memorable date night. When you give your partner a thoughtful gift, you can further enhance the experience of your date night (see gifts for couples for more ideas). In that sense, here are a few ideas for an outdoor date that you might consider.

Go ice skating

Whether you skate a temporary holiday rink or take to the ice in an arena, you can hold hands and giggle while you get your footing. You owe it to your junior-high self to go on a sweet ice-skating date.

Go hiking

What better way to get to know someone or reconnect with your forever love than a date hike? Avoid distraction, share adventures, and make new memories together. After your adventure, you’ll deserve a drink, dinner, or that cozy night at home with pajamas and TV.

Go out for breakfast

We don’t mean grab coffee and a pastry on your way to do errands. When was the last time you went to a diner for eggs, pancakes, hash browns or even pizzas? It’s way cheaper than going out for dinner and a couple of drinks. You could maybe consider it as a cheat day (if you’re dieting) and look for a Pizza Place near your home and go have a nice time while waiting for your order.

Play in the snow

When snow falls west of the mountains, you must take advantage! Find the snow pants you bought years ago for that sledding trip or layer up and get out there! We recommend snowball fights, building a snowman (or snow cat, snow turtle or whatever you like!), and borrowing a sled for a few runs down the hill before it all melts.

Take a cooking class

Remember when you were newly dating and went out for dinner or drinks all the time? That habit will break the budget over time but taking a cooking class together can bring back those new couple vibes. Learn the secrets to paella or how to make Tom Douglas’ signature coconut cream pie.

Holiday celebrations

Go for a drive and check out house lights in your area, visit the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton downtown Seattle, watch the tree lighting. You get the idea! Add a Thermos of hot chocolate and it’s a date!

Take a class

Maybe you’d be interested in one of those wine and paint places or improv is more your thing. Check out a local gardening store for an indoor plant class. Hardware stores also have workshops where you can learn to do something with your own two hands.

Double date

Get playful with indoor mini-golf, indoor sky-diving, or an escape room. No better way to get out of a rut than to invite some friends for a night out. Of course, with any friend group, it will likely take you some time to decide on one plan. To make the decision-making process easier, you can all check out pictures and reviews of an escape room in Atlanta or elsewhere, and do the same for the other potential activities on your list. Having some detailed information about them might help you and your friends to come to a solution without any odd ones out.

See a show

Seattle Theater Group brings Broadway shows, comedy acts, musicians, and more to the Paramount, Moore, Neptune and theaters. Check out the calendar for an event that interests you. You can also find lower-cost shows at community theaters or schools near you.


Deliver meals to seniors, get your hands dirty and plant trees, sort food at food bank, support recent immigrants. Whatever gets your heart a flutter, grab your partner and do some good together.

Photo by AlenaPaulus