Women Who Inspire: Ariana Kukors’ Lessons from Her Mother

Northwest Community Thursday, May 15, 2014 Written by

This month, we’re celebrating the women in our lives who inspire us to take better care of ourselves and pursue our health goals. Read stories from Northwest residents about the inspiring women behind their achievements and community involvement in our Women Who Inspire series.

Ariana Kukors and Mom

Name: Ariana Kukors

Job: LifeWise Director of Health Inspiration, former Olympic swimmer

ANW: Who inspired you?

Ariana: My mom set an amazing example for my sisters and I growing up. We always ate a homemade family dinner together, were encouraged to play outside and stretch our imaginations on a daily basis, and to do our best with no regrets. She always led by example, and her inspiration made me the person I am today.

ANW: What is inspiring about her?

Ariana: She is extremely positive and constantly looking for the good in every situation. She treats others with respect and kindness, but holds herself to very high standards and puts in the work required to reach those standards. She taught me to learn from the challenges in my life, especially my biggest failures, and to be sure to celebrate success because it always leads to more. Her unwavering support and faith in my dreams allowed me to take ownership of them and the work required to reach them.

ANW: How have you shared this inspiration with others?

Ariana: Whenever I speak to kids (or adults), I share with them the wisdom she passed along to me. Long before I became an Olympian, she would tell me that everyone has their own Olympics, or things they want to achieve in their life. And no one’s goals are greater or more important than anyone else’s. If these goals are strong enough to believe in and work for, then they are special and real.

Learn more about how Ariana gets inspiration from her mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer twice, but survived by getting healthy and exercising, in the video below:

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