Women Who Inspire: Jenni Hogan’s Inspiring Young Friend

Northwest Community Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Written by

This month, we’re celebrating the women in our lives who inspire us to take better care of ourselves and pursue our health goals. Read stories from Northwest residents about the inspiring women behind their achievements and community involvement in our Women Who Inspire series.

Name: Jenni Hogan

Job: Chief Media Officer at Tagboard, UW dual National Rowing Champion

ANW: Who inspired you to eat healthier or get more active?

JH: My family and friends constantly inspire me to get more active and eat healthier. Their support and positive energy is so helpful. However, the woman who has really impacted me over the last few years is Brianna Bowers, who came into my life as an intern when I worked at KIRO-TV.
Briana Healthy
ANW: What is inspiring about her?

JH: Briana is an inspiring role model in so many ways. She is super caring and always looking for opportunities to help others in their health. While she has several food allergies and has to spend additional time preparing her meals and planning ahead, she does this all with a huge smile. Even when she can’t participate in a meal or an event, she makes sure everyone around her is living life to the fullest and enjoying every aspect of their health. Briana also inspires through her actions and is constantly signing up for any run that is going on in the Seattle area.

ANW: How have you changed, or what have you done because of her?

JH: Because of Brianna, I have become better about planning my meals and bringing food with me when I’m on the go. Briana brought planned meals to work every day that were healthy but looked so great. She has also inspired me to set workout goals, then talk about those goals with my friends and embrace them as a support network.

ANW: How have you shared this inspiration with others?

JH: Her support and efforts to pay it forward have encouraged me to pay it forward to my community too. For example, Briana helped me create the Jenni’s Joggers team for Seafair. We led a team of women who all wanted to set a goal to run the ULTRA SeaFair Torchlight Run. She’s constantly encouraging me to set new goals and to bring my community along for the ride.

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