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Two Is Better Than One!

Sweating for the Wedding

Whitney Haggerson’s healthy choices are helping her live a better life. 

You may remember that I recently got hitched. While I had a blast planning our wedding, there was a seemingly infinite list of things to think about: tablecloths, guest lists, bridesmaid dresses—oh my!

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Planning a wedding, balancing a demanding job and trying to get into the best shape of my life made it challenging to spend quality time with my husband-to-be, who didn’t share my affinity for Pinterest-inspired place cards or cute party favors for our guests. A recently married friend of ours shared her “secret to success” for making it through wedding planning without losing touch with one another: working out together! Thankfully, Justin and I took her advice and never looked back.

Whether you and your partner are into running, boot camp or yoga, here are a few of my favorite things about couples workouts:


Sometimes, after a meeting-packed day and a traffic-ridden commute, I’d rather sit on the couch with a glass of wine than hit the gym. Working out with my husband keeps me accountable. We pre-schedule all of our workouts for the week, which helps us stay on track. If he can hit the gym after work, so can I!

Bonding time

There were many times our few precious hours after work turned into full-blown wedding planning sessions. Guess what? We both needed a break from talking about vendors and budgets, so we established the gym as our “no wedding-talk zone.” Our nightly sweat session gave us the chance to catch up and reconnect—while making sure that my mermaid-style dress would fit just right. Win-win!

Sense of accomplishment

My husband is my biggest supporter, sharing a few encouraging words before a big presentation at work and cheering me on through one more set of push-ups. With him by my side, I feel like I can do anything. Tackling a killer workout together gives us that boost of confidence to navigate any challenge that life throws at us!

couples workout running with husband

Mood-boosting fun

Sometimes the stress of wedding planning would put me in a less than stellar mood, but after a good workout I was always in a better place. I’m not sure if that was because exercise releases endorphins or because I thoroughly enjoy watching Justin do pull-ups. Either way, workouts are good for the soul.


Regular workouts helped us both slim down and tighten up, which was awesome for our wedding photos and our self-confidence. Bikini-clad honeymoon? No problem!


After a few weeks off for our wedding and honeymoon, it was a bit difficult to get back in the gym. But having already established the habit together made it easier. So give it a try! Whether you’re taking advantage of an awesome Pacific Northwest hike or trying out our favorite group circuit training class, do it with your partner. I promise you won’t regret it!


Whitney HaggersonWhitney Haggerson is a California native who is learning to love the Pacific Northwest in all its fleece-y glory. She is learning to love exercise rather than doing so as a means of offsetting her peanut butter addiction. Whitney  lives in Green Lake with her husband and their chocolate Lab.

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