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Healthy Hiking Snacks to Fuel Your Adventures on the Trails

Modern hikers have access to an array of conveniences, from improved gear to healthy hiking snacks that combine vitamins and nutrients for a long day on the trail.

But hiking doesn’t have to be synonymous with dropping top dollar on energy bars, premium jerky, and fancy trail mix. There’s nothing wrong with splurging a little sometimes, though! If you want to carry some yummy beef jerky, that provides both nutrition and energy, with you on the trail, then finding a good packaged one does no harm. Some companies use pouches for beef jerky that are durable and can easily be carried with you wherever you go. Nevertheless, with a little planning ahead, you can make your own great healthy hiking snacks to keep you fueled up and energized on the trails.

6 Healthy Hiking Snacks

Figgy Fuel Bar

This bar combines almonds, dates, almond butter, and figs for a naturally sweet, slightly chewy, and sufficiently filling snack on the go. There is a ton of protein and the addition of vanilla and cinnamon for some extra flavor.

Healthy Cinnamon Bites

Healthy, yes, but also gluten-free, which is a huge bonus considering most healthy hiking snacks tend to include granola. These are fantastic if you need a quick trailhead breakfast for an early morning start. They also include vanilla protein powder for added nutrients.

cinnamon bites

Chunky Granola Clusters

Granola is an indelible part of the trail experience. This great recipe involves baking the granola, which helps it form clusters that can easily be eaten while walking-or at least without getting bits of it everywhere.

Spiced Pumpkin Seed and Cashew Crunch

The blend of curry, salt, and cayenne makes this mix utterly addicting. The nuts are great for protein and this mix is easy to eat on a break from hiking. Better yet, you can take it with you when you camp and add it to your backcountry soup.

Chocolate Protein Rice Crispy Treats

Healthy and delicious, this twist on rice crispy treats packs in the protein and flavor while also managing to be gluten free, vegan, and free of refined sugar. Plus it only needs five ingredients. The simple recipe, portability, and high protein content (and it’s tasty!) make these healthy hiking snacks a must-try.

rice crispy treats

Cherry Power Cookies

If cookies are your guilty pleasure, you’ll love this healthy powerhouse of a recipe. Combining tart cherries with oats, nuts, and seeds, these delicious healthy hiking snacks will keep you fueled and satisfied. You’ll also get a nice infusion of antioxidants from the cherries.

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