Self Care

50 Ways to Feel Connected Without a Screen

The holiday season is here and with it comes a desire to connect with friends, family, or anyone outside our household! We could probably also stand to take a break from our devices (eye strain is a real concern).

Here are a 50 ways to feel connected to others–even when we’re physically distanced.

  1. Write letters and send them in the mail
  2. Make a meal and leave it at a loved one’s door
  3. Read the same book as a friend (or a group) and discuss by phone
  4. Share a pair of jeans (or comfier pants) among your group of friends
  5. Join an outdoor team like disc golf, bocce, soccer
  6. Join an outdoor workout group
  7. Start a gratitude jar
  8. Make the same recipe as a loved one
  9. Send flowers
  10. Volunteer
  11. Go for a walk and talk. Walktails optional!
  12. Play board games
  13. Go for a hike
  14. Decorate your front porch for passersby to enjoy
  15. Fill a little free library
  16. Post toys and games you’re done with to your local Buy Nothing for someone else to love
  17. Read a memoir or biography
  18. Donate funds to a cause you care about
  19. Spend some time playing with your pet
  20. Set up a fun theme night for your household members
  21. Clean up in your neighborhood
  22. Make a handmade gift for a loved one or order a customized one from cheapest personalised canvas printing company online in UK or the likes.
  23. Look through old photos and swap out the pictures in your frames
  24. Go through your closet for warm clothes and shoes to donate to a shelter
  25. Visit Intentionalist and support a local business
  26. Offer to pick up and drop off donations from neighbors or friends
  27. Plant a tree
  28. Paint and share a kindness rock
  29. Visit a friend and wave through the windows
  30. Rake the neighbor’s leaves or shovel their driveway
  31. Share playlists with a friend
  32. Do a puzzle together
  33. Do one of your significant other’s usual chores
  34. Enjoy a distraction-free dinner with your family
  35. Try some old family recipes
  36. Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  37. Play a virtual game of Bingo and mail or deliver prizes. To make some extra money along with fun, you can try the online version as well, check bingo cash reviews, for example.
  38. Leave a chalk art surprise on a friend’s driveway
  39. Decorate cookies or build a gingerbread house at the same time and text each other pictures.
  40. Create window art to inspire neighbors
  41. Challenge friends to a winter scavenger hunt
  42. Leave a seasonal surprise like a pumpkin or valentine
  43. Go to the farmer’s market or an pop-up craft fair and support local businesses
  44. Say hello to people you pass on the street
  45. Put a teddy bear in the window for kids going on a neighborhood “bear hunt”
  46. Applaud for healthcare workers at 7 p.m.
  47. Listen to a podcast
  48. Tell a trusted friend about your stress, anxiety, or depression
  49. Ask your loved ones if they’re OK
  50. Ask a loved one what they need to feel better